REWIRED 1.01 Update

With the semester coming to a close, and the last bits of assignments being turned in, I found some time to do some updates Trigger Rayon REWIRED. 

Nothing major added to the rulebook, just some typo corrections and an attempt to simplify the explanation on how attacking/damage is dealt. Hope I succeeded there.

The big update here is the return of the Extended PocketMod rules! Two files in the folder include a single document, containing the five 8-page booklets ready to be printed out on 5 pages! It also includes a complete compiled version for reading on tablets, phones, or to simply have a print out of the core rules minus the fluff.

If there’s any additional typos or muddled phrasings you want to see fixed, PLEASE  don’t hesitate to email me or leave some comments here! Aside from play testing, this has been a one man operation in my spare time. I love this damn system and I’d love to give it the polish it deserves. I’m also open to feedback and requests for additional expanded content.


5 thoughts on “REWIRED 1.01 Update”

  1. Hi!!

    I can’t download the zip file. The URL is wrong???

    METROPLEX BURN download link is correct……


    1. Weird, it’s working on this end. Have you tried from the REWIRED page? (Which wouldn’t make sense if it did work, since I’m using a file manager plugin to host the file.)

      If you’re still having trouble, email me redavis101 AT outlook DOT com and I can email you the files.

    1. “Mysteries of the Datasphere…” That sounds like a great title for a supplement. If I use it I’ll credit ya 😉 But glad the download is working for ya!

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