Sticking a Fork in REWIRED.

This is an update concerning the development of REWIRED and the state of things with me:

I’m pretty much sticking a fork in REWIRED for now. After the August update, I returned to the booklet and, honestly, felt it was complete to my standards for right now. Yeah, I had big dreams earlier in the year: I wanted to lay it out all pro like, commission some badass artwork, try to self publish my own game.

I still want to see it flourish, but right now my time to devote to big projects needs to be focused elsewhere. The primary goal I had for REWIRED — a bad-ass cyberpunk game that’s a bit more fleshed out than WYRED but still pretty quick — was achieved. Really the only thing I didn’t accomplish was fleshing out a default setting, and I apologize for not delivering on that.  But, honestly, I don’t want to bloat the game any more than I have to. I also don’t want to deliver forced, half-assed content. I hope everyone understands that I’m just a one-man operation (aside from the awesome contributions of  artwork, play testing and feedback from my friends.) Gaming is my hobby, not a business. I’ve already made a business out of gaming before, and it was a fun-wrecker.

I’ll gladly continue supporting both it and WYRED on my blog. I’ll still be open to feedback and edit suggestions, and anyone wanting to continue adding to it I’ll gladly lend my input to. It’s all licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, so feel free to run crazy with the game text. For right now, though, I got other projects and prospects — including a college degree — that need my dedication. But like I always said…you can take a gamer out of a game, but you can’t take the game out of a gamer. I’ll be sure to continue sharing any brainstorms or game hack ideas on this blog.

I’m not going away, I just got other fish to fry.


PS — I updated the REWIRED file before posting this, fixing an error in the page footers.

Any other glaring typos found, you’re still welcome to inform me and I’ll correct as I can.



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