REWIRED August 2013 Beta Release

The August 2013 Beta for REWIRED, a Quick and Dirty Cyberpunk RPG  has hit the website today!

This is the first stab at trying to flesh the game out into a full length manual. The rules have been re-organized a tad, more details have been added, and some flavor text is beginning to creep cargoingits way into the game. There’s also been a few tweaks and adjustments, and some new perks have also snuck their way in. There’s also a sprinkling of some artwork and graphics in here, so it’s quite the departure from the PocketMod booklets!

Speaking of which, the PocketMod format isn’t being abandoned. Next release I plan on revising the mechanics and cleaning up the text a bit to have the booklets echo the core manual better.

Please feel free to spread the word! While I’ve been play testing this sucker and polishing it up all summer, I’d really like some more external feedback. Remember that this game is free electronically AND released under the Creative Commons license, so you have permission to share, remix and re-use the content for your own projects.

Download the Booklet Here!

Download the Updated Character Sheet!

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