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So, #1 biggest gripe I’ve had when I worked on WYRED was the lack of any setting information, especially from you 4chan assholes. (I say that with love, by the way.)  Because of that, onewtfcyberpunk of my goals with REWIRED is to go ahead and share the setting I use in my own games.  And just so it’s not a shock to anyone, I’m going to spend some time today giving you guys and gals a preview of it.

Welcome to Mangled Earth

The setting takes place sometime after next Tuesday. Yeah, you read that correctly. If Max Headroom can be “20 minutes into the Future,” we can be sometime next week. Don’t worry your little meatbrains trying to figure out how we’re going to cram cyber augmentations and neural interfaces in a week…we’re using an alternate timeline.

On the world I lovingly refer to as “Mangled Earth,” the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t play out so well like it did for us. The results were a nuclear skirmish, followed by decades of armed conflict, drastic changes in the socio-political atmosphere, a resource crisis or two, and ultimately: the rise of Corporate power and privatized armies. The decades of turmoil also lead to interesting leads in cybertechnology, internet communications, and even research in psionics. The end result is the sort of speculative retro-future dystopia that never happened for us. I’m not really gunning for detailed breakdowns and timelines of Mangled Earth’s history; my goal with REWIRED was never to simulate the near future as much as emulate the sort of thing you’d see in a Frontline Assembly video.

The Metroplex Burn

Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, located in the separatist Lone Star State (whose motto is “We Got The Guns, We Got the Beef… We Got This.”) A blight of urban sprawl filled with rich corporate tycoons, media-mogul televangelists, and border-running druglords. Doing the dirty work between them are the Mavericks, the Ronin, and the Data Rustlers….running alongside gangs of muscle-car driving Gearheads and sugar-skull painted Muertos punks. We’re talking contract killers in Bola-ties, vodoun refugees from the radiated bayous of Louisiana and gun-crazed psychobilly cultists playing power games in the shadows of Reunion Tower. What’s not to love?

Keeping it Loose

Of course, most of this stuff isn’t going to be fleshed out until the end of the book. And what’s going to be provided there is merely a framework for you to fill in the blanks and run the type of campaign you want to run at your table. REWIRED was meant to be played in a genre, not a specific setting.  Have a favorite book, anime, movie or manga you’re wanting to run? It should be fairly easy to tweak and adapt for it. The fluff will be easy to ignore, but hopefully insightful enough to possibly add a little spark to your creative flame.

Keep me posted on what kind of stuff you’d like to see included with REWIRED!
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