REWIRED: July Progress Update

Touching base with everyone to share the current progress on REWIRED.

First off, thanks to the handful of you guys and gals who’ve delivered some feedback. Typos are getting caught, numbers are getting tweaked. I am listening and I am in debt to everyone who’s checking the play test!

I got a couple really good sessions in this month. Combat seems to be hitting a sweet spot for pacing and lethality, rules for vehicles and drones are pretty rock on.

The Core Rule Book

The complete main book has been outlined, and I’m happy to say the past month has seen the beginning of work being done on it. I’m about 40 pages in, and so far pretty happy with how Mercer Smokingit’s coming along. I’ve negotiated terms for some professional cover art to be done for the book, and I’m pretty stoked to be having this particular artist on board. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some graphics myself. I’m not going to hide this: I’m using a lot of public domain stock photos and artwork to fill the pages, but I find that exciting. Everything about this book is being built off open licensed work: LibreOffice is my main forge for crafting this game, OpenClipart.Org has provided a lot of base images (and I plan on returning any remixed work to their site for public use, plus providing some extras of my own.) A good chunk of the original images being used take advantage of freeware/open programs like GIMP, Blender, Paint dot NET, and other software provided free to the public. Not to mention, the game itself has roots in Creative Commons gaming….which I intend to continue and support.

The book itself is being formatted for an A5, 6×9 “digest” sized style. It’s not going to be a big book on your shelf, but the point is to keep it portable and easy to toss into a bag or notebook for your game nights.

Here’s some sneak peaks of the Equipment section, and some of the artwork I’ve been whipping together for the main game:





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