REWIRED Character: “Trigger” Ray

Trigger RayWelcome to the first of a series of pre-made character concepts for REWIREDwhich can be used as either starting Player Characters, NPC’s, or merely inspiration.

Trigger Ray has been working the violent life of a Ronin  for the better part of a decade. A high-school drop out,  he got his start doing courier runs for local drug dealers and gang bosses. Many have taken his skills for granted; Trigger never seemed like the brightest crayon in the box. But when shit hit the proverbial fan, he was usually the one left standing from a deal gone wrong. What he lacks in book smarts he’s made up for in instinct, which can prove to be more valuable of a tool for his trade than the sidearm he keeps on him.

Even though he’s not even pushing 30 yet, Trigger dreads the day he loses his edge. Ten years of being a gun for hire, if burnout doesn’t wear him down his reputation will. To compensate, he’s taken some high-risk jobs to land him some choice cuts of augments and a nest egg for his nomadic lifestyle. City after city, he makes it a point to get himself some work, some cash, and then: an escape out.

Key Notes:
Though his Data rating isn’t so hot, his Alert perk grants him a +4 Awareness bonus.
“Ol’ Betsy” is a heavy-hitting revolver he’s kept with him since his first “dirty” job. The Precise tag lets him roll 4d6 and take the best 3 when using it.

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