REWIRED: Draft version .11 available!

A small update for the playtest of the new “Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk Dystopia” RPG in development is available now.

One major change, a few alterations, and some minor fixes:

  • No More Wound Points.  The game has been changed to a fixed health system for damage. Now, every character has four levels (or boxes) of damage they can take: Hurt, Damaged, Injured and KO’d / Dying.  These are tracked both for Stun and Wound damage. Needless to say, this changes how damage is dealt and figured.

  • Toughness Rating Added: Based off the character’s Chrome rating, Toughness is the threshold of damage a character takes before taking another box of damage in an attack. Short version of it: The attack rolls are still one roll. Roll the opponent’s Defense to score the first hit, and each value of Toughness rolled over deals an extra box. Sounds more complicated than it really is;  played awesome in play testing.
  • Slightly More Points: At the begging pleas of my players, we’ve bumped the starting Skill Points to 15, and the starting Perks at 7.
  • Consolidated PocketMods into a single PDF, currently at four pages.

Please feel free to download the current version and report back any feedback.

Also, feel free to join our playtest community on G+

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