Gaming & Gumbo Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone out there in the RPG Bloggosphere!

Today we’re having our monthly AD&D meet up, and I decided to post pre-game this time. Really stoked because I’m running module UK3: THE GAUNTLET, which is a small nerdy dream of mine. You see, growing up, this module was one of the few that was hiding out in my bro’s old D&D box. I loved the cover with the nasty looking fire giant on the front, and his Hobgoblin soldiers peering and snarling out from behind him. I was also intrigued by the story of the conflict between The Sentinel and The Gauntlet…..but as far as I knew my brother never had UK2.

But I got lucky last year, and while hitting up eBay in search of my own AD&D DM Screen, I found a bundle of the core 3 books, the screen, AND UK2 and UK3 together for five bucks. Gotta love it.

Today is also going to be epic, just because our host for our monthly games has promised us some of his chicken Gumbo. I love this dude’s cajun cooking…..just hope I don’t regret it tomorrow.

I’m going to take it all in and enjoy the piss out of this gaming session today, if nothing else because tomorrow commences that lovely time in the semester where I have to buckle down and hit the ground running. I have an early final this week, and I have a couple weeks left to finish a research paper which I’ve admittedly been slacking off on. And then, right after finals, I have a friend’s wedding to attend. It’s been a busy month and it’s about to get busier…..hopefully afterwards I can resume my gaming and blogging groove over the summer. We’ll see.

When I do get to some break points in my busy schedule, I’m going to be revising and editing WYRED a bit more. One of my buds in my Friday afternoon group has sat down and volunteered to be an editor for me, and has sent me his suggested corrections and editing. I’m very thankful for it; and hopefully after the revisions the last of the art pieces I’m waiting on will come in and we can send the whole thing to lay out. It feels awesome knowing that my little home brew project has found so much support and that my friends were eager to contribute to it. Even though it’s something I’m giving away and will never see a dime for…..feels kinda cool knowing when it’s said and done, we’ll have this little game book in our hands that is, well, ours.

Once the semester is over, and the edits are made, I’m then going straight to work on a few projects I owe a couple peeps for the IAYC donations. Don’t worry guys, I didn’t forget about you. Just needed to get out of the current busy work in order to focus more.

And again, Happy Easter everyone.