Small Updates on WYRED

I’m getting to the point that my little cyberpunk RPG project WYRED is getting close to being finished. The last rough draft seems to be playing very well; the only problem being the realization I had no real rules or guide lines for Defense values in vehicle combat. I’ll address more on that in a bit.

Other than that minor issue, the combat, the character creation and the overall system is working out pretty well. I’ve been running a mixed bag of players, from complete newbies to RPG vets, and even folks with a varying degree of exposure to the cyberpunk genre, and all seem to be really getting into it. The WYRM System has been fun to tinker with, and I’m happy that not only did I find a good balance of different mechanics from RAG and WR&M to suit the cyberpunk style, I’m happy I’ve actually been able to contribute some mechanics and ideas that others have adopted into their games.

This Week in Rivet City

Tonight we’re going to be gathering again to continue what has become the first serious, full length adventure I’ve written for the game. Before this it’s been small one-shots, combat tests and just fiddly bits. Last weekend, with a full group of five players (and tonight I bring in a sixth,) I presented a mission that so far has involved lots of legwork, role-playing, moral ambiguity and is currently in an awkward state where the PC’s have to decide if they’re going to finish the job they started, and bring justice to a young woman’s murder…..or turn their backs on their employer and strike a deal with the enemy. I don’t even think the party is in full agreement of what they should do…..which makes for some good cut throat gaming.

Feel free to read up the play report of last weekend; tomorrow I’ll be posting the results of tonight’s game.


Defensive Driving Course:

So I’ve been trying to brew up a painless way to determine the Defense ratings of an opponents vehicle while shooting each other up during a chase.
I’ve ultimately decided that instead of giving vehicles a base defense rating, to have the rating affected more by the driver’s skills. The formula I brewed up is simply:
Wires + Vehicle Skill + Maneuver Rating of the Vehicle

This also allows me to add “Defensive Driver” as a Perk; allowing the pilot or driver of a vehicle to add their Awareness skill to their defense.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, please feel free to hop over to the WYRED page on GamesAndGear.Net and grab the latest rough draft.