Games & Gear re-launched; WYRED has a new home

So I’ve been debating about the direction I wanted to take things. WYRED has evolved for me from something I was originally just going to use as a homebrew to a full-fledged game that I want to share with the world. It’s been a very rewarding project for me; and it’s giving me ideas for more fun gaming projects that I would love to write for not only myself, but for others. But as these projects seem to take on a life of their own, and obviously having more potential than just a homebrew written in a word processor, one thing I’ve been considering is actually keeping a separate site dedicated to my endeavors.

In the past, I used for many failed projects that I wanted to keep separate from ChaosGrenade. It originated as an online site for my game shop (now out of business). I made an attempt at a social networking site for local gamers (it got hacked/exploited by spam bots due to the software I was using and lack of security features. My database swelled up to twice the size of this blog in a week.) I figured the name was cursed; or that I should keep all my eggs in one basket (and ChaosGrenade has been a damn good basket for me.)

But, one big thing is that the Games & Gear domain is actually the host I paid up for, and is the host for this very site (  I hate having such a cool domain go to waste.
So I figured it was time I did something productive with it. GamesandGear.Net is now the official site for my self-published role-playing games and supplements.  And to kick things off, it is now the official home of WYRED.

I believe this will be for the best; it keeps all of my personal gaming projects on a site completely focused and dedicated to them, while giving me the freedom to maintain this blog as my general gaming rant and review site. This is still my soap box; but at least now there will be a much easier to access venue for my projects.

Also, Games and Gear now has a forum on RPG Table Talk. It seemed more in my best interest to have my forum hosted there as opposed to maintaining my own: it’s already the home forums for other WYRM System games, and the source of the most active feedback I’ve had for WYRED. Even if you’re not a fan of my work, anybody looking for a civil rpg discussion forum should check it out (Haters need not apply.)