WYRED: Draft 3 Available Now!

WYRED, a WYRM-based “rules necessary” Cyberpunk rpg written by yours truly, is currently released in its 3rd Rough Draft.

We’re completely ignoring Rough Draft 2 (due to some wonky playtesting results on my end) and going straight into Rough Draft 3.
Cool stuff in this draft includes:

  • A return to a damage system similar to Resolute, Adventurer & Genius that served as the inspiration and foundation for this game. Weapons now have a base damage rating, as opposed to adding to the attack rating.
  • Worn armor adds to Defense rating; but augmented Body Plating and the Tough As Nails Perk now add damage soak instead.
  • The hacking system has been gutted. Since this is a “Rules Necessary” core game, hacking has been kept abstract and fast. The more complex, program based Hacking system will be reintroduced as an optional side supplement later.
  • Added a GM’ing section, as well as a chapter providing antagonist creation guidelines (slightly modified version of RAG’s).

Also, added a black & white art piece provided by Vaitel, who’s contributing some renders (both full color and in black & white “ink” style) for the game. It’s a single piece in a relatively unimpressive document at the moment; expect the final release to contain a few more pieces and a more professional layout. In the mean time, you get my mediocre Open Office skills!

I’d appreciate feedback. If ya can, download it, check it out, and leave me some nasty criticisms (or love) either here in the comments, or you can join in the discussion on this thread at RPG Table Talk.

WYRED is now hosted on the newly re-launched Games&Gear Website! You can check out its official page here.

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