Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary

Masquerade is, hands down, probably the single RPG I’ve spent the most man hours playing, both as a player and a Storyteller. More than any other RPG I’ve played or ran….which says a lot, since readers know I game a lot, especially D&D. But my journey in the RPG Bloggosphere began when I started a fresh interest in D&D 4th Edition, which came after years upon years of almost exclusive World of Darkness games, sans the occasion d20 game I ran to take a break.

My online handle, Reverend Battista Lazaro, originated in Masquerade. He was a Lasombra, and the “Pack Priest” for our Sabbat group named Legion. He was a monster, a loose canon, and frighteningly manipulative. He was also, probably, my favorite role-playing experience of all time….right up to his Diablerie by a pack mate, whom I requested Out of Character because I felt his story was done. Only it wouldn’t be…..he would come back, a total throw in the face of the rules….through a couple sessions of mind bending role-playing and a bizarre ritual. But that’s a story for another time.

We’ve had tons of Masquerade sessions and small one nighters and short story arcs that never got finished. But I also had three very memorable, long term Chronicles. Chronicles that I’m proud to say I ran or helped shape, because everyone involved to this day shares the stories of their accomplishments, their struggles, their drama and their mishaps. The fictional cities we developed continue to haunt our imaginations, litter our notes and references in other games we play. We get whims of nostalgia, and revisit our old notebooks and character sheets.  And while we moved on the newer World of Darkness line, where I’ve actually ran a pretty solid long term Requiem chronicle and some modest short lived ones, we still long for the old meta plots, factional rivalries, global conspiracies and the ever looming threat of the End of Days, however it may be coming.

This week, White Wolf announced Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.  And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t yelling with fanboyish glee.

God, to return to a time when Vampires were scary and didn’t sparkle…….*sigh* Time to pop in Music from the Succubus Club, and take a trip down the dark alleys of memory lane…..

….like the first time I saw this video and thought it was so dark and edgy lol.



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