Update on WYRED

WYRED is getting some interesting overhauls for the second draft. Some of it’s based on user feedback, others just from my own personal play testing.

Biggest change is going to be the removal of the Defense stat. This will make it a bit different from other WYRM powered games, but I think for the style and pacing of the game it works best. Instead of using a Defense rating, it’s going to use flat Difficulty Levels dependent on ranges. Whatever the maximum range for the weapon is becomes a Hard (11) difficulty; shooting under drops it down to Challenging (9). Melee Combat is just a flat Challenging (9) attack.

This means armor, both worn and augmented, will play a different roll. Instead of adding to the defense, it’s now damage soak….which effectively will still work the same, just the application is different.

The other big change is I’m going to be re-working the implementation of the net hacking rules. The core, base computer hacking rules will fall under the combat section.  The more detailed system using programs is getting reworked and added as a bonus appendix to the game for those who want a little bit more detailed hacking rules. I’m actually torn between making this part of the core release, or writing it up as an alternative, optional expansion document (much like WR&M’s Imperial Library/Forge books).

Looking ahead of the second rough draft….once all the nuts and bolts are in place, I have a buddy on board for giving the game a proper layout for the final draft. I’m also looking for some possible artwork. I can’t really offer much, except line credits and exposure, since this is a project I’m releasing under Creative Commons and won’t be getting a cent for it. That said, if ya got any decent black & white line art that would work for a cyberpunkish rpg, feel free to contact me on here.



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