WYRED: First Playtest Session

Gathered a few of my amigos in my new gameroom aka “The Nerd Cave” to do a brief playtest of WYRED.

Our team consisted of:

  • Acidburn: A punk-ass, fiberoptic dread wearing net runner.
  • Jacob: Cold hearted cyber samurai.
  • Gearshift: Carjacker and Technophile

The Job:
Our team of street operative mercenaries were given an offer of $50K to assist in a staged kidnapping.

Mr. Smith is having a divorce. As he spoke with the team, his now ex-wife was receiving half of his stock invested in his company, Karmatech. One of Ex-Mrs. Smith’s goals as a new big wig on the shareholders is to persuade the board to fire Mona, the mistress to Mr. Smith and part of middle management in the company’s finance department. Smith decided his ex can have the shares…..he wants the money.

The team is hired to stage a kidnapping of Mona. They are to publicly ambush her, take out her corporate body guards (who are unaware of this plan) and “capture” her and escape. Once they manage that, she has arranged a safe house for them to lay low at to enact the second part of the plan: She is to provide the Hacker her login information for him to access Karmatech’s mainframe. The goals for the second job are simple: Ruin the shareholders and the accounting files, and set up an immediate fun transfer to an account in the caymen islands. While this is going on, Mr. Smith will be dumping the body of a murdered clone of Mona near his ex’s house. Once they transfer the funds, and wreck Karmatech, they are to drop Mona off at a pier where the two will flee by boat to Asia.

The Run Down

Gearshift left his Jeep running outside while Acidburn and Jacob went into the high-class nightclub, The Ritz, where Mona was currently passing the time. Of course, this is an establishment where street riff-raff aren’t normally allowed in. Falling back on his persuasive abilities (and his club goer background perk) Acidburn convinced the bouncers he was “DJ Smack”, who was supposed to be performing there in the near future and he wanted to check the venue out.

While the two scouted out the inside, moving to a 3rd story floor and looking out over the club proper, Gearshift jacked into his control console and operated his Crawler Drone up the side of the building , through a skylit window and into the rafters. Amazingly, he was able to navigate the small dog-sized drone (with a rifle mounted in its chassis) without notice. Acidburn buzzed him, informing the location of Mona and her bodyguards. Acid and Jacob proceeded to the floor…and upon arrival the Crawler sniped one of the goons. As his buddy pulled out his handgun, further inciting panic in the club, the drone was able to let go and open fire on him.

Jacob and Acid made a rush for the door, to be countered by 3 armed bouncers drawing fire on them. Acid took a shot in the leg, Jacob landed a head shot on one guy while the Drone managed to plant a round into the 3rd. The guy left standing immediately met his maker on Jacob’s cyber claws. Once outside, the two scrambled to drag Mona back to the Jeep while Shift’s crawler came leaping back through the chaos. Gearshift punched it, and while they sped out into the night, 2 more goons on motorcycle gave chase. One was completely shot off their bike, while the other couldn’t keep up and lost the chase.

Once back at the safehouse, Acidburn wasted no time. He laid back on the couch, plugged into his portable computer, and dialed straight into the Karmatech mainframe. He managed to bypass the security measures for a while, spoofing the account info Mona provided and throwing their traces off course. He even got as far as establishing a bank transfer to the unauthorized account without triggering any alerts. It was when he began decompiling and scrambling the database for Karmatech, however, that the ICE kicked in. Luckily, Acidburn kept a Decoy program running, and immediately the network attacked his double while he managed to continue tearing down the system bit by bit. In very little time, the hacker managed to crash the system and accomplish his tasks.

After wards, they dropped Mona off at the pier, and received their funds in the requested accounts.  As they walked away, they could hear the sounds of Mr. Smith about to pull a gun on Mona (apparently he just wanted to fuck over the company, his ex wife, and could care less about his plaything.) The team almost turned back around; but decided they had their money….it was best not to get involved.

((Which was a bummer, I really wanted them to fight Mr. Smith and his body guard…..))

Observations on the System:

Overall, the game was a success. The players loved the simple mechanics and the straight forward character creation system. One thing we noticed was that combat was very quick, and very lethal. In all honesty, I’m okay with a combat system where battles only last a round or two. I was a bit concerned, though, about how overpowered the Heavy Rifle was. Highest attack rate of the non-gunnery weapons, Long Range, it was freaking scary. Mind you, I didn’t throw any uber armored guys in the group….this was the first time, and I wanted to keep it at a “street” level. I think more armored guards, with some armored plating augmentations, would’ve lasted a bit longer. At worst, I may have to slightly scale up armor defense ratings and maybe tone-down attack bonuses….but otherwise, it seems like a sweet spot for cyberpunk style gaming for me.