“I Am Your Champion” Update: Throwdowns!

I Am Your Champion has actually been a really fun way to pretty much light the fire under my ass and get me thinking about ways I can actually help people. It’s funny how a blog called “A Terrible Idea” probably came up with one of the best ideas to show people they actually can help. As the “game” progresses, we realize the method to Duane’s madness…..this isn’t a game in 5 days; when he says a game in 5-parts, this is something anyone — at any time — can do. It can span days, weeks, months…..set your goals, work towards them, and challenge yourself to help other champions as they help you as well.

Yesterday, Duane challenged us to help our fellow champions. We were to either “Throw Down” and accept a “challenge” from another Champ (take them up on one of their offerings in exchange for donating to their cause) or “Throw In”, where you offer a particular reward for anyone who donates to someone else’s cause in your name.

Matter of fact, Duane “threw down” to my “challenges” and pitched in a donation in exchange for a Shambles adventure! How cool is that?
What I really dig is aside from organizing this “game”, he’s also playing in it. His goal is to raise $500 towards classrooms in need of Science and Math supplies.

Also, Graham from Thieves of Time and I swapped donations for each other.  He’s across “the pond” from me, so we just agreed to pitch in cash on behalf of the other so we didn’t have to mess with conversion rates.
He’s raising money on behalf of National Theatre to further support actors and their arts. His project is pretty cool….for every donation, you get a recording of him reading Dagon by HP Lovecraft. If he makes his goal of $250, the recordings go public!

The big thing to note here: We’re not competing. This is a bunch of gamers coming together to help each other help others.
If you wanna pitch in, I have my own challenges for ya.

For starters, you should definitely peruse the #IAYC  feed on Twitter to see all the folks who are involved and what they’re doing.  See if there’s anything you can contribute to.
If you’ve got no funds to spare, that’s no problem. I’m doing this because I lack funds to help my friend, but I have time and I’m willing to put myself to work for the cause.
If you’re itching to help, then why don’t you become a Champion with us? You don’t even need to do this on your own….if you can find a Champion you want to support, THROW IN. Offer some help. Every little thing helps in this day and age. And everyone is capable of something.

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