My Offerings for “I Am Your Champion”

Yesterday I accepted the challenge of A Terrible Idea’s “I Am Your Champion” Game, played in 5 parts. It’s not so much a game but a challenge for gamers to stand up and play an active roll for the charity of their choosing.

The cause I’m championing is a personal one.  A really good friend of my family had lost her home in a fire over the weekend.  She and her father lost so much, and unfortunately they had no insurance. Times have been rough for them before hand, with medical bills and other factors. I entered this game hoping to “Champion” for them and to help raise money for the relief fund that has been started for them.

Today’s step in the game is to offer something to reward others for donating to the cause.
So, I offer you guys (both in the local community and online) the following from me.

For The Locals:

  • $10/Hour Donation:  My Time for Your Cause. Due to personal gas mileage, I request this stays within the Stephenville/Granbury TX and surrounding areas. Every 10 bucks you put towards this I will volunteer for a reputable local charity, organization, fund raiser or whatever. Whether it’s to be clean up crew, hand stuff out, pass out flyers….whatever.  It doesn’t just have to be charities; I’ll gladly help out with Church functions (will even dress nice for the occasion and keep my beard trimmed), concerts, sports activities (handing out drinks or working concession stands)….you name it, you donate it, I’ll pledge my time to you or your cause of choice.

For the Nerds, both Local and Online:

  • $15 Donation: 4E Compatible Delves. I will write up, to the best of my ability, a 3-Encounter single shot adventure compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition, and release it for free. I can’t promise outstanding art work or layout, but I have worked on a few maps in my time and I’ve ran many adventures.  I’ll custom tailor it for your desired party level, and will even throw in some good role-playing and a puzzle or two. Plus, I’ll give you credit for sponsoring it.  Think of it as in exchange for helping my friend out, I’ll give you something to run when you don’t have time to prep.
  • $20: Will DM for Donations. I’ll run a game of Dungeons & Dragons online for you and three of your buddies. AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, 4E, OSR clones….you name it.  Hell, if there’s another game you want me to run (ICONS, Savage Worlds, High Valor, World of Darkness) I’d be more than happy to oblige.  Update: Will also do this locally for whatever # of peeps. C’mon, it’s someone else’s campaign to attack the darkness in!

If you’d like to help out, email me at and I’ll hook you up the information for her relief fund.


In case anyone is wondering about how payment works and questioning if this is a scam, the payment info I’ll send you is for writing a check or money order to the donation fund directly.
Also, the account will be open for 2 months….so this offer will stand as long as the account is open.

Also, I have an artist on hand to help with maps and possibly tokens for the Delves. So, I assure you’ll get something worthwhile out of the offer.

7 thoughts on “My Offerings for “I Am Your Champion””

  1. Here’s a combined challenge. If anyone donates $15 for a delve and also donates $5 to my charity (Act for Peace) I’ll include the delve as an adventure location in my fantasy newspaper. More info here:

    Super combined challenge: Graham has said that if you donate double to my charity he will record an audio copy of the fantasy newspaper article that I’ll write for you. So, as far as I can see, that means that if you donate $15 here for a delve and $10 to Act for Peace, you’ll get the delve, the delve adventure location article in my fantasy newspaper, AND an audio recording of that article.

    This is exciting, guys!

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