My GW Fantasy Origins: The Mage


Practitioner of arts both dark, alien and arcane.

Scoundrel Traits:

  • Origin Type: Intelligence, Dark; +2 to Dark Overcharge
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Science (Arcana is a Science in some realities, thank you!)
  • Wise to the Ways of Things (Level 1): +2 Will
  • Familliar (Level 1): You have a companion, be it animal, alien or magical, that you have an arcane bond with. Its stats are that of a level minion (1 hit point) equal to you minus one (minimum 1). If it dies in combat, it will return after an extended rest.
  • Mage Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, the attack deals +1d10 physical damage and pushes your target 3 squares.

Mage Powers:

    First thing you learned in Wizard School: how to zap someone.
    Encounter * Dark, Arcane Minor Action       Ranged 10
    Up to 3 Creatures
    Int Mod. + Level vs. Reflex
    Damage (Single Target):
    3d6+ Int Mod + Level Electric Damage
    Damage (Multiple Targets): 1d6 + Int Mod + Level Electric Damage 
    A few hypnotic gestures and a nursery rhyme does the trick almost every time.
    Encounter * Dark, Arcane
    Standard Action       Area Burst 2 within 10 Squares

    Each Creature in Burst
    Int Mod + Level vs. Will
    Effect: Targets fall Unconcious until the end of your next turn, or after being attacked.
    Do not mistake me for some conjurer of cheap tricks!
    Encounter * Dark, Arcane
    Standard Action       Area Burst 3 within 10 Squares
    Each creature in blast
    : Int + Level vs Fortitude
    Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence Modifier + Your Level shadow damage
    Until the end of your next turn, the blast area is treated as Difficult Terrain.

Random Thoughts:

This one was tough. I wanted to have a “classic” Wizard type role but didn’t want to have your average “Pew Pew” origin re-hashed in GW (we have plenty.) I was trying to think about things that I always see in a Wizard/Mage/Spell tosser character at the gaming table. Magic Missile, Sleep, Familliars…these almost feel like the necessary fall backs of Spellcasting 101 to me. I wanted Magic Missile to be fun and awesome, but more than the “insta pop” it became in 4E, but something cooler than traditional. I figured the option to focus fire or spread was nice, and turning it into an Encounter at the exchange of making it a Minor Action made it tactical. Combine with another “Pew Pew” nuker origin (Pyrokinetic, Mind Breaker etc) and you can lay some smack down in the opening rounds of a fight.

Sleep and Vortex kind of return to the “Mage as a Controller” type aspect, and while the Familiar offers both some interesting tactics and ideas for both in-combat and out of combat, but nothing too advantageous.

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