Revelation and Resolution: 2011

This is a pic from my old game shop, Initaitve Games & Gear in Stephenville, which lasted all of half a year. It was a ballsy experiment….trying to open a game shop on a budget of 5 grand, in an indoor marketplace.

I miss it.  I wish I could’ve kept it open. It wasn’t the business part I liked; it was being the central hub of gaming for my friends and strangers.
I lamented for a while, whined about it on Facebook. But then, I looked to my left and saw this in my living room:

That’s the same rug. The bookshelf from the store now holds my massive gaming collection. You can barely see it, but I still have the table in the background in this picture.
We still have a giant cookie jar filled with spare dice, I still have a lot of the store decorations put up along with my fiancee’s artwork.
I also have most of a case of Gaming Paper leftover.

Tonight, a friend came over and played Magic with me. We talked about D&D and Vampire and other games. We talked about zombies, in general.
I may not have a game shop anymore. I do, however, still have a game cave.

We don’t bitch about games being too trendy here, we don’t debate Forge game theory.

We don’t complain if games feel too much like an MMO, or uses cards. We just fucking play.

Let me know if ya wanna come over.

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