My Fantasy GW Origins: The Fighter


You can take a beating, but you’d rather give it.

Fighter Traits:


  • Origin Type: Strength, Bio; +2 to Bio Overcharge
  • Skill Bonus: +4 Athletics Check
  • Frontliner (Level 1): +2 AC
  • Tank (Level 1): 5 Physical Resistance
  • Fighter Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, the attack deals +1d10 damage and the target takes -5 penalty to attack rolls against any targets other than you until the end of your next turn.

Fighter Powers:

    Because the only thing better than hitting one foe is hitting two of them.
    At-Will * Bio, Physical, Weapon
    Standard Action  /   Melee Weapon

    One Creature
    Str + Level + Weapon Acc. vs AC
    1[W]+Str Modifier +Twice Your  Level physical damage, and an enemy adjacent to you takes damage equal to Str Modifier + Level Physical damage. 
    Hone in on your target, shrugging off any who get in your way.
    Encounter * Bio
    Immediate Interrupt  /   Personal
    Any adjacent enemies take an opportunity action against you.
    Cancel the opportunity actions you were about to grant. 
    Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for!
    Encounter * Bio, Physical, Weapon
    Standard Action  /  Melee Weapon
    Target: One Creature
    Str + Level + Weapon Acc. vs AC
    2D10 + Str Modifier + Twice Your Level Physical Damage
    Effect: Allies adjacent to the target receive +2 AC until the end of their next turn.

Whether you’re a brawler of the wastes of Terra Gamma, a savage warrior or a proud Knight who was stranded on this globe after The Big Mistake, Fighters are a pretty straight forward origin. What makes them stand out from any other mutant or person is that they have years of weapons and armor training behind them.

Character Ideas:

  • Fighter/Empath — “Paladin”: Combining the Fighter’s front line tactics and resistance with the Empath’s ability to heal and boost allies, you have a classic Paladin-style protector on your hands.
  • Yeti/Fighter: Move in between your foes, Cleave’Em, Yeti Claw the main threat and mock his buddy as he fails to interrupt you as you pulverize his friend.

4 thoughts on “My Fantasy GW Origins: The Fighter”

  1. As written, Cleave can be used to 1[W] + twice your strength modifier plus + your level to a single target. Is that intentional?

    At high levels (say, 6), you’ll be doing 2d8 + 4 to one target and 10 points to another target. A basic attack does 2d8 + 10 to a single target. The damage here seems low, are you supposed to be doing high (“striker level”) damage or just spreading it around some?

    There doesn’t seem to be much point in the power as written, as focusing fire is almost always going to be a better strategy than spreading around damage — and this version of the Fighter doesn’t have a mark, so all they can do really is hit things.

  2. You’re right, i forgot to tack on the twice your level damage like all the other origins.

    I’m not specifically trying to make it a striker role, but definitely want to motivate the character to get up and personal in battle.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Marking. I tried to at least give it a nod with the critical, and didn’t want to mess with “stances” either. I think between the boost to AC, physical damage resistance, and the ability later to shrug off Opportunity Attacks should give them enough reason to get up to the front line and position themselves between foes and friends. Just my opinion, feel free to do otherwise.

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