Gamma World 1/6/11: Snozzberry Run, Part One

In light of the death and disappearance of a couple characters in our last Gamma World session, we decided to roll entirely new characters and start over. This decision was not lightly made….until I picked up the Famine in Far-Go expansion. Then everyone was chomping at the bit to roll new characters up. Go figure.

I do plan on getting around to running a version of the Famine in Far-Go adventures (with a bit more tweaking and added role-playing, since I’ve grown weary and leary of WoTC adventure writing after the collapse of my last D&D game.) But that’s not for three levels. Levels? Gamma World has levels? My players will be surprised…..

Anyway, time to introduce the new roster:

  • Dennis, Alien/Cockroach: He’s not a cockroach, he is “the most interesting Lady Bug in the Galaxy.” Dennis hails from the planet Dos Equis, with his mysterious demeanor and steel-plated spanish guitar for a weapon. Despite his suave, manly latin voice…he is rather effeminate with pretty eye-lashes, only adding to his mysteriousness-ness…or something.  “One day, I was on my home planet of Dos Equis, drinking Dos Equis. Then, suddenly, I was here…so I went with it. Stay thirsty, my friends.”
  • Stopper, Android/Arachnoid: Stopper is an android scorpion…which, for some reason, her creator decided to give her mechanized boobs on her chasis. Perhaps to establish she is a she? Who knows. Without the necessity for things such as air, food or water….Stopper focused on other things important to a scorpion. She found a nice rock, and stayed there. She stayed there, quite content, until an alien spaceship crash-landed on it (Dennis swears it wasn’t his.) Now, annoyed and without a nice rock, Stopper has come to Far-Go in her search for something better. Perhaps a nice woodpile?
  • Maxine, Cryokinetic/Entropic: aka “The Ice (Drag) Queen”, “she” travels the wastelands preaching the good word of the Atom. She dreams of Nuclear Winters, and likes long walks on the radiated beach. And she especially enjoys spreading the “loving glow” of her creator (in the form of radioactive decay and sped up half-life.) She journeys from place to place in her Delorean, which also happens to have a Motorcycle duct-taped to it. She is kept company by her pet monkey, “Freckles.”
  • Freckles Nahxanoy, Simian/Temporal: Nahxanoy is really an evolved Lemur from an advanced, multi-planar time hopping civilization from the far future. He claims to have encountered his companions at some point on other time lines, insisting that Dennis is very well known in all of them. He also insists that he cannot escape Maxine in any of them, and she’s equally creepy and annoying in each one. He’s not sure why he’s stuck in this particular universe, and is plotting to somehow undermine Maxine and steal her Delorean to get “back to the future” at some point. In combat, he lobs wrenches at his foes (which have a tendency to displace them at random locations — mostly up — upon impact.)
  • Sal, Yeti/Pyrokinetic: Sal, being a giant flaming mass of constant yeti fur on fire, is actually quite an enterprising individual. He used to be a Sous Chef and owned his own restaurant.  It didn’t do too well, though, and “went up in smoke” for him.  He is discovered at The Salty Mug in Far-Go, getting free drinks in exchange for “holding” various meats at times for Ham to sell to the bar patrons along with their drinks. As further payment (and to ensure the containment/safety from Sal’s fires) he gave him a “gift”: A jacket lined with Asbestos, also known as “The Asbestos Jacket Ever.”

The Adventure Begins:

The characters were tipped off by Ham, the porker bartender, that there was a gentleman looking for some “adventurous types” for a job. This could’ve been misleading, considering at the time he was found on the third

Through in-character role-playing, Mercer (aka "Nahxanoy") discovered Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.

story of the Salty Mug waiting for “entertainment.” But, when a Lemur, a Scorpion, a Ladybug, a Transvestite and a flaming Yeti walk into the room…he deducted they were there for business.

The man was Billy Zonka, a local entrepreneur and owner of a popular ranch/farm on the outskirts of Far-Go.  The job he offered sound quite simple: He had several full-grown Snozzberry bushes that needed to be delivered to a friend in Kin. Since the characters were some of the few individuals who actually owned vehicles, they served as the best option for transport for these special plants. He agreed to paying them with basic services (food, shelter) during their stay in Far-Go (and the prospect for some Ancient Junk and possible Omega Tech.)  The characters agreed (even Stopper, who just wanted a Wood Pile) and it was declared they would head out in the morning. What followed was an awkward role-playing experience involving a Lady Bug, a Lemur and four tentacled women of the night that I declared I did NOT want to role-play. The scene ended with Dennis shutting the door and saying “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

The next morning dawned, and the PC’s arrived to have the Snozzberry bushes loaded into their vehicles. Stopper decided she didn’t want the hired hands to remember their faces, and so attempted to use the Amnesia alpha mutation on them. She attempted an overcharge to blast all the hands, but, instead ended up wiping her memory banks of the past 24 hours. Imagine the reaction an Android Scorpion has when she totally forgets her job, her new companions, and why these guys were loading Snozzberry bushes into her truck. Dennis attempted to use his Mechanical skills and restore her databanks….she was able to recover a log file, but not the full memories. She sighed, accepted the occurrence, and went on.

Road Hogs

Deciding to take the 94 west and the driving straight south to Kin (in hopes of avoiding most of the Glittermarshes), it wasn’t long before our heroes had to handle a biker gang of road hogs. It was an interesting battle, since a lot of the characters got to fire off their Alpha Mutations and wreak some havok. Now that we’ve had some prior GW experience under our belts, the players have learned not to hold on to their always-fluxing powers since they change almost scene-by-scene. Nahxanoy was able to voip one of the lead pigs into not seeing him, and forgetting mid rage that he even existed…just in time to pelt him with a wrench and teleport him up into a tree. Stopper was emitting a nasty, toxic gas around her that, once she realized that most of the Porkers were minions, gave her an edge to just run around and antagonize them. Maxine actually caused another porker to die via the “LMAO” card, causing the poor pig to laugh so hard he gave himself a stroke.

The other characters stood out taking advantage of their traits and at-will abilities. After being shot at by a Warpig’s blunderbuss, Dennis ducked behind a tree for cover and managed to “enhance” his Spanish Guitar weapon with extra radioactive damage. After being belched on, Sal made damn sure to get close to the porkers with his flaming visage and fry himself some bacon.

After the pigs were dispatched, it was starting to grow late in the evening, and we decided it was a perfect stopping point. I actually got to reward XP last night, and there was much rejoicing.

Next session, we continue the drive to Kin….and I have a particularly nasty fun surprise for them.

Almost as nasty as Mercer’s foot.