2011 Gaming Forecast: Zombies, Mutants, and Wastelands.

Looks like the 2011 gaming scene for me is going to involve a lot of survival checks, random horrors and the occasional mutations.

Survive:11 has started.

Last post, I mentioned a blogging project about keeping an online zombie survival journal. It has now blossomed into a bit of interactive role-playing/interactive fiction with a small group of friends and it seems to be attracting more interest as we get rolling.  You can check out my character’s blog at survive11.chaosgrenade.com — make sure to check out my RSS feed and blog roll for the other “survivors”. We also started an out of character forum you’re more than welcome to haunt at http://chaosgrenade.com/offthegrid/

Moar Gamma World:

The game that gives me a perpetual headache with my players continues to, sadly, grow on me. I just picked up the Famine in Far-Go box set and the expanded item lists, the plethora of new origins, the Cryptic Alliances and — to a lesser extent but still cool — the extra monsters makes me want to continue running this bizarre mutant world.  I must confess: This game has ruined me for D&D 4E. It plays faster and is a lot more fun for me, right now, to run off the cuff game sessions with. Even combat doesn’t feel so bogged down here.  Of course, I plan on hardly cracking a book open for monster stats and instead sticking to Sly Flourish’s Cheat Sheet.

Homebrewed Project:

Resurrecting my post-apocalyptic fantasy western setting “Dragun” (which originally used Warrior, Rogue & Mage) to try out some mechanics in a new rpg system I’ve been tinkering with for a while. It’s just about ready for playtesting amongst my crew…you’ll be hearing more on this in due time.

There’s still some Fantasy going down:

If my players demand more D&D 4E (we did just kinda left off hanging) I’ll gladly get behind the screen again. But, right now, it appears scheduling is once again our biggest foe. Quick, fast, and easily set up games are once again in demand for me. I just ordered my hardback, hard copy of High Valor….so if I can swing it, any fantasy RPGs I run this year I’m going to try running with that instead.

Happy New Years guys! May your dice roll awesomely in 2011!

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    1. If you get it, I highly recommend checking Amazon and other places online. Could probably shed $20 between both sets that way. Oh don’t get intimidated by the booster packs….I found out those are different from the deck entirely, so, you can get by with just the power deck. I didn’t want to like Gamma World, now I think it’s a superior product to the game it was based on (just because it’s fun and simple.)

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