“Zombie Survival Calendar” blog idea

Hope everyone had a good holiday season! I wound up with some awesome, personal gifts from friends! Complete series of Trigun, “party box” edition of Apples to Apples, really cool Dragon/fantasy stuff from friends (including a bitching T-Shirt and an amazing hand-crafted decoration with a wizard and a dragon!) My fiancee free-handed me an AWESOME card box decoration (she painted Spider Jerusalem from “Transmetropolitan” on it!), a mini-video projector…..the list goes on. Too bad I also go a traffic citation for expired tags….oh well.

But one interesting gift I picked up at a late X-Mas party gift exchange last night was The 2011 Zombie Survival Guide Calendar. Not only does it disperse zombie survival tips daily, but on the back of every entry is “zombie survival journal” page for the reader to fill out! How freaking fun is that? Every day you get to jot down an imaginary survival scenario for yourself. Everyone didn’t bother to steal this gift (oh, yay, a calendar) but I saw it is a motivational piece! My goal for 2011 was to write more than just game stats and adventures (and gaming blogs), so this seems like the perfect exercise!

One idea I had with this, though, was to share the experience. I’m contemplating keeping a daily online blog in the format of the survival journal. I can’t promise quality fiction, but, the idea of a living piece of interactive fiction sounds like a fun project for the New Year. And I’d love to see others partake as well!

Did anyone else get one of these things? If not, is anyone else interested in following a fictional zombie survival blog? I’d love to see “in-character” comments left….or even fellow bloggers to share experiences with. Sort of like a “Diary of the Dead” type scenario.