Gamma World Re-Cap: Aliens of Hi-Ko, TX

So we had another round of Gamma World last night, which ultimately resulted in another round of headaches for me this morning.
Still, fun was had by all and we got to try out a few cool tools provided by other RPG Bloggers!

For this particular session, I felt it was time to stop having random quirky adventures and actually try to develop some kind of campaign setting. Prior to the game, I decided to give The Gammarizer a try (thanks to Critical-Hits for this awesome idea!) Instead of using our hometown, we actually decided to use one of the smaller neighboring towns for our setting. Before I get into those details, a re-cap of our party:

  • Betsy, a radioactive June bug.
  • Taco, a Gravity-Manipulating doppelganger with a green Mohawk. Rides his Canoe on top of Betsy’s truck; favorite weapon is a “Shistick” which is really his canoe paddle.
  • Hey-Zoos, an electrokinetic Giant. Dumb as a brick, loyal friend of Taco. Constantly getting prank cell phone calls from his nemesis, the Cookie Monster.
  • Matt El, a sentient psychic swarm of Matchbox and Hot-Wheels cars.
  • Mr. Noble, a radioactive Seismic humanoid made of Rebar and Concrete.

Gammarizing Hi-Ko, TX

So, using The Gammarizer, Hico TX was appropriately butchered into a funny post-apocalyptic romp. For those unfamiliar with the town, its claim to fame is the residence of one individual known as Brushy Bill, who claimed to be Billy the Kid. Remember Young Guns II? Yeah, Hico capitalizes on that legend, and even has a Billy the Kid museum.  Amazingly, none of the Billy the Kid locations made it into our Gammarizer session! What did make it in, though, was Gamma World gold. The City Limits sign, that always seem to have a damn dog running across the road and chasing cars, has now become the haunt of a horrifying, mutated beast….that runs across the road and chases things. The airfield where the local RC Airplane clubs hang out at is now tied to Hey-Zoos’ electrokinetic origins. The old Dairy Barn (it’s like a Dairy Queen, but not quite) that had a lot in the back for outdoor concerts now contains broken chunks of concrete that appear to have the same Gamma make-up as Mr. Noble.

Two major locations for the town have also been worked into the campaign. The Wiseman House, a beautiful Victorian home that has been turned into a chocolate shop, became the family home of Taco. Apparently, his full name is Taco Wiseman. His father is Enchilada Wiseman, his sister is Gordita Wiseman, and his brothers are Tamale and Chalupa. They are the wealthiest family in Hi-Ko, known mostly for their greasy post-apocalyptic Tex Mex cuisine (which may be the source of local mutations.) The real secret to their success, however, is the large line of Outhouses surrounding the parameter of the estate. Think about Barter-Town in Beyond Thunderdome, and minus the Pigs.

Gee, even the car parked out front is white. Hrrrm.

Across the street is another Hi-Ko landmark, the Koffee Kup Restaurant. This is kind of a controversial place in real life….let’s just say it used to be “Kafe” instead of restaurant. And they’re known for their “Coconut Pie to Die For.”  But in the Gammarized town of Hi-Ko, it’s the home of Betsy, who grew up in the Microwave in the back.

We got an Alien Problem

The adventure I whipped up for last night involved another local favorite: UFOs. Our hometown and surrounding area has been in the news over the past couple years for being a UFO hot spot. So I thought it was necessary to have an adventure investigating cattle abductions and crop circles plaguing a local farmer. Prior to that, however, I decided to attempt to get the non-sequitor humor out of the way. I had “Cookie Monster” call Hey-Zoos, saying he was holding the Cookies ransom.  Freaking out, the Giant asked the others in the party what this meant. They told him it was probably an advertisement, since ransom meant giving money for cookies. Mr. Noble asked if he misunderstood them, and maybe he was saying the cookies were “handsome.” An intelligence check later, Hey-Zoos was determined to go to the grocery store and rescue the handsome cookies. Matt El at this point noticed a strange, grey-skinned humanoid spying on them from around the corner. He brought it up to the rest of the party, but they decided food was more important. Betsy split off from the group to go eat Coconut and Buttermilk Pies at the Koffee Kup.

While at the Grocer (which was blasted out, but turned into an open marketplace) the party overheard a conversation between a farmer and the owner of the Dairy Barn. The owner was demanding to know why the meat orders have been delayed, and the farmer replies her cows have been going missing. Also, there were weird circles burnt into the ground, and she wasn’t sure what that meant. Hey-Zoos immediately inquired if she thought her cows were “being held handsome”, and Taco (and his doppelganger) offered to solve the case in exchange for a single fresh cow as payment (so he could make good tacos, and not the recycled violin straps and goodyear tire ones his father makes.)  Upon agreement, the party headed out to investigate.

They searched all over the pastures, even checking out the crop circles. Hey-Zoos was looking with his Magnifying Glass, which was really a compact mirror on a stick. It tasted horrible, even with sprinkles. But that didn’t stop him for managing to roll a 43 on his Perception Roll (thanks to a piece of Omega Tech he drew, believed it was the Neural Jack.) The Giant lead the rest of the crew to a giant crater miles away in a nearby hill, where at the bottom was a giant metallic ship. Before they could investigate further, I attacked them with about half a dozen eye-ball laser drones that emerged out of the vessel. At this time, I want to thank SlyFlourish for his D&D Monster cheat sheet, which I used to ad-lib new encounters on the fly last night. Cool part is? After tweeting my intentions he decided to also whip up a Gamma World Monster Cheat Sheet. Bonus!

Comedy in the Tragedy

There came a point last night when the party managed to force their way into the “alien” space vessel and landed themselves in a firefight with the inhabitants (using laser pistols that went pew pew pew.) Very first thing that happened was Hey-Zoos got shot, and the player decided to use an Alpha Mutation that allowed him to step out of the time stream. He attempted to overcharge it, failed, and wound up disappearing completely for four hours. To the other characters, it looked like he got vaporized. Betsy screamed out in anger, played her mutation card, attempted to overcharge and failed. The result was she temporarily went berserk and attacked one of Taco’s clones of himself. The PC’s fought hard, except for Betsy who apparently spent the rest of the combat puking on herself. She blamed the Buttermilk pie. Eventually, they managed to take out most of the ray-gun alien threats, but not without a casualty. Taco, despite his strategic doppelganger placement, was properly incinerated by an opponent near the end of the battle.  Only one Alien was spared, and upon interrogation they discovered the Greys were actually from Ontario, Canada and were stealing cows from Texans in an attempt to maintain their burger franchise.

After letting Betsy continue to puke on the prisoner until he melted away, Matt El managed to override the ship’s controls and somehow launched the flying saucer out of the crater and into the middle of Hi-Ko, damaging some buildings and crashing next to the Billy the Kid statue. As the others inquired how to handle explaning the events and Taco’s death, Matt El calmed them down and said he would handle it. As townsfolk came out to see what “all the fussin'” was about, the sentient toy car swarm emerged from the ship yelling “WE ARE FROM THE PLANET VLORMULAX! TAKE US TO YOUR LEADERS OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!”

“It says Made in China” commented Dr. Noble, picking up one of the Matchbox cars off Matt, to which he replied: “Shuuuttt uppppp!”

<cue credits Adult Swim style.>

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  1. Love it, especially the overcharged time-slip leading to everyone thinking Hey-Zoos was dead (and of course, his eventual return from the dead, how appropriate is that?)

    What I especially love is how even your characters have local flavor. Great stuff.

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