“Nightlife”: When D&D Geeks hunt Vampires

So I’m not getting much tabletop action this week due to an unhealthy combination of procrastinating studying for finals mixed with video games. Isn’t it awesome I have my priorities straight?

In the mean time, though, I want to point my readers to an AWESOME web series some old friends of mine from back in high school are involved with.

Nightlife is an episodic mockumentary about “real life” vampire hunters, who just happen to be a bunch of D&D nerds. I cracked up watching the first episode just because I remember hanging around the game tables at our old gaming venue with the guys who play Andrew and Seth on the series. Both of those guys are insanely multi-talented individuals in real life; but the show they put on here is sure to please any geek’s funny bone. It has a dry, self-inflicting humor that seems to bleed elements of “This is Spinal Tap” meshed with slacker movies like “Clerks”. With more Vampire hunting, and gamer references.

Go ahead and check out the trailer here, and if ya like it head to http://nightlifetheseries.com