Gaming to the Extremes.

Schedules FINALLY landed into place for us to pick up our 4th Edition D&D campaign again last night. I’ve been itching to run the players through Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress, and hopefully Death’s Reach afterward.

"Guys, seriously, can I just borrow someone else's d8?"

And with the local time change letting us fall back an hour, it was pure gold for EXTRA gaming too, right? Well, almost didn’t happen as our hostess returned from work yesterday evening with the start of a sinus infection. No fun. But, she had been pushing, poking and prodding for our game group to return to our campaign for some time…and like a trooper, she opted to stick it out. She wanted to game, damn it!

After our session last night, I began thinking about the extremes I’ve gone to for gaming before. Being sick is never fun, and I’ve called off games before over just having an icky tummy. But there has been some crazy times I, and others, forced ourselves into some extreme conditions just to get our game on.

Migraine of Elemental Evil

Years ago, a friend of mine was running the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.  Huge group, with lots of smokers.  While I was a smoker at the time, for some reason being around a lot of indoor smoking really killed me. I’ve always been of the Outdoor persuasion. Anyways, it got to me during one session, and a migraine kicked in full force. I can’t remember details of the game, but I remember being coherent enough to follow the story while sprawled out on their couch, and rolling dice during combat.

Extreme Numbers, Extreme Hours

It’s crazy to think that the folks I play D&D and WoD with regularly have been friends of mine for 10 years now. I met them during my senior year in high school, by ways of another friend’s D&D group. Funny thing: There was this chick I was chasing after at the time, and her roomate was this older guy who had D&D books lying around the apartment. I ended up hanging out with him and gaming a lot. There were nights she came home from work and thought I waited up for her…only to be crushed when I said “Ssssh, we’re playing. Roll a character or something.” Yeah, so didn’t get laid.

Anyways, I met my friends in this dude’s crazy D&D group. We’re talking 13 people! All of us learning the new edition at the time (third.) Where it got crazy for me was balancing school, my work schedules, and the gaming schedules these folks had. They all worked evening and day jobs….so they all gathered after work. We’re talking Midnight/1 am game times! This already involved me violating curfews and staying out too late on school nights. There was this one incident I showed up, started drifting off when a couple players got involved in an RP scene….and suddenly woke up with everyone looking at me. “Hey, is your character strong enough to pull a Balista string?”  “Uh, yeah,  why?”  “We need to shoot the dragon.”  “DRAGON!? What Dragon?” “The one attacking the boat!”  “What boat!?”  “THE BOAT WE’RE ON!”  “We’re on a boat!?!?”

The Gaming of Winter’s Discontent

There was this one night we were all itching to play some D&D. The problem was the DM has to smoke while she runs her games. The friend they were crashing with, however, doesn’t allow smoking in his house. No problem, we decided to play outside in his carport where he kept a nice pool table. One thing, though, is that Texas is a harsh mistress. Her weather can make some unpredictable changes, and that night it went from pleasant to freezing. And icing over. And somehow, that didn’t stop us. My friend was even crazy enough to throw up some camping tarps around his carport, and started a load of laundry with his outside washing machines. We even hooked up an electric heater outside in our makeshift gaming tent. The irony there was that the smoking DM took one of the players into the house for some role-playing she didn’t want the rest of us to over hear, and they were in there for a couple hours. Meanwhile, we bundled up and toughed it out and role-played our characters getting to know each other and making some pacts. Because, you know, in an evil campaign when a player is kept out of the loop for a couple hours, they’re OBVIOUSLY plotting against the rest of the group.

So how about you guys? What’s the craziest lengths you’ve gone to in order to get your game in?

One thought on “Gaming to the Extremes.”

  1. I’ve been Roleplaying since I was 13, over 18 years ago now. We’ve had our weird winters before, with freezing conditions and snow drifts delaying (but not stopping) the game.

    The craziest length we’ve gone to for Roleplay though… that would have had to have been a few years ago. My illness had been flaring up for some months and this one night I spent running the campaign with what felt like a fist gripping my innards.

    Painkillers didn’t touch it but rather than cancel I carried on with it. It was the last session before a months break, something we do before switching system for a few months (trying something different). As I recall it all went well, with a bit too much laughter as certain players botched combat roles and I rolled a 1 for severity (10 = Character stabs or shoots themselves, 1 is a comedy roll).

    With the Elf knocking himself out with his own bow and one dwarf falling foul of Snorri (A legendary Kleptomaniac dwarf who stole the dwarfs preloaded ammo because “its dangerous otherwise”), there was plenty for me to laugh at. After maybe 6 hours of this, one foul after another I was amazed I hadn’t passed out, the pain from laughing was that bad.

    I got home, I passed out, I woke up next day in more pain and ended up in surgery a few days later. It sounds awful but I did enjoy that session, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have missed it despite what happened. The thing is, you can’t fake sessions like those, the bad luck, the falling foul of the dice, the sheer excuses being thrown around, the character interaction post battle, the jokes, gags and “Would anyone like to buy some rifle ammo?” from the groups Thief.

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