Our GammaWorld Play Report

I’m at a loss for words. Last night I ran a one-night quick shot of Gamma World, using a couple select encounters from the pre-made adventure in the back. I’m not really sure if I can explain the events coherently, as I was left in shock and horror as the players just kinda dove into things without really asking around for plot hooks or anything. I’m convinced I could have had NOTHING prepared and not say a word the whole night, and my players would have had fun just playing their characters amongst themselves.

Our roster:

Chancey: Android/Speedster. A cybernetic Squirrel whose tail also functioned as a Waffle Iron and wielded a dual light-saber.

Betsy: A Radioactive Junebug. Brandished a Chainsaw, but mostly just puked on everything or shot lasers from her eyes.

Hey-Zoos: An Electrokinetic Giant. Originally named “Zeus” by his mother, everywhere he went people said “Hey, Zeus!” and he thought that was his name. Carried a stop light as a two-handed weapon.

Matt El: A sentient, telekinetic swarm of Micro Machines, Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels. Carried a giant warhammer made with a Tonka truck at the end.

Taco: A blue-mohawked, Doppleganger/Gravity Manipulator. Spent most of the traveling “rowing” the canoe strapped to Chancey’s pickup truck.

I’m not even sure if I want to admit how the adventure went. I’m not even sure if words could describe it. I’m not even sure I fully understood what all went down exactly, and I was the asshole running the game! What I do know is combat was fucking hilarious, even if it didn’t make sense half the time. This wasn’t a product of the system, just the product of how much my group really got into the gonzo spirit of it.  Also, the fact we were blasting our host’s System of a Down collection the whole game was pretty fitting too.

I wish I could give more details and a better written play report….but seriously it’s just left me in a state of shock. In a good way, mind you. If Wizards of the Coast was looking to sell a product that is purely a hillarious, funny, pick-up RPG experience that is intended to focus more on just the random slapstick than long term progression, it actually works in flying colors. Even the random mutation cards every combat just seemed to work, in that “Picture Unrelated” sorta way. Just embrace it, and crank the gonzo to 11. I imagine this is the role-playing games Slaad play.

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  1. I can attest to what you’re saying. Our group had similar fun. The Brockman-Fokker Salvage Co., run by an empath mindbreaker and a telekinetic gen-human, was boatloads of fun. Much hilarity and bloodshed. We posted our Actual Play session over at the Flagons & Dragons podcast. Stop by sometime! -Carl PS. Love that photo!

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