Coming up: Purely Random AD&D

Due to some real life stuff going on, which I’ll spare you guys the sappy details, I wasn’t able to run AD&D this weekend for my regular group.

However, a couple of the guys in my absence apparently decided to sit down and start doing an adventure purely by the random charts in the DMG. When I dropped by tonight, I was handed a blank character sheet and some six siders. To give me a break from DM’ing, it appears they’re wanting to take a stab at running a game purely off the cuff, using nothing but the random charts for EVERYTHING. Part of me wanted to cringe and give warning; but the majority of me said “Shutup you idiot! You get to be on the other side of the screen for a while!”

So the premise is that, hopefully next weekend, we’re all going to be suffering level one characters stumbling around a campaign world that even the DM has no clue what’s going to happen. One of our members is being assigned Cartographer, and I was assigned the “Leader” role. By Leader, we mean keeping track of group inventory and finds along with being the “spokesperson” for the party to the DM.  This should be interesting that everyone will have to debate, debacle and discuss the plans but I’ll be in charge of delivering the final decision on everyone’s actions.

What makes this even more frightening is that, had I known I’d be picked for the task, I probably wouldn’t have a rolled a Monk. No kidding, rolling the stats tonight netted me more than enough to qualify for the AD&D 1E monk class. I have not only never played the class in this edition, but have never known a soul who wanted to. But, man, if I can just make it to level 3 I’ll be a happy camper. Seriously, anyone ever look at those abilities? Equivalent skills as a same level thief? Additional open hand combat damage? Increased movement and safe falling? Hells yes I want to play one of these guys! I’m just hoping 5 hitpoints and an AC of 7 doesn’t get me killed.

So has anyone actually played purely random campaigns? I think the dude is crazy or doesn’t know what he’s getting into; but there’s a chance for some real hilarity and interesting adventures this way, too. Just gonna have to see how the dice fall I suppose…

3 thoughts on “Coming up: Purely Random AD&D”

  1. DM: So this …umm…troll comes out…

    Player: NO WAY!

    DM: (Mumbles quietly) yep…says so right here…#6…troll…and he’s carrying a…lollipop…

    Player: NOOOOOOOO! Not the Troll with the Lollipop! Where is Mr. Bill when you need him. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


    We’ve had more fun with those kind of games…they are great for shaking people up especially when you make your own tables 🙂

  2. Yeah, we did at least one of those once…whichever random encounter tables we were using didn’t specify day/night…so we absurdly had a vampire wandering out onto a balcony in the middle of the day.

    He burst into flames and fell, screeching to the ground.

    Good times.

  3. DM: All right guys, you’ve killed the Carrion Crawlers and all the other “c” monsters, now we’re on to “d” dragons!

    I would love to get into an AD&D game, but alas, my group won’t have it.

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