Using WIX for Your Game

WIX is a website that lets users design flash-based websites using their drag and drop tools.  The only big drawback I see from them is while their interface and tools are great for anyone with a designing itch to come in and make some pretty snazzy websites, anything you create remains hosted on their servers. However, they do offer the ability to embed whatever you create onto your own page, which means anyone who lacks Flash programming experience (like myself) or the software can at least make some personal stuff to throw up on their own sites. Just if you want more bandwidth usage per month, you’ll have to subscribe for their premium services. But hey, folks gotta make money right?

So why am I rambling about this service? Because one thing I thought was cool was that you can use it to slap together fun, media-rich pages for your gaming group. In my case, I have a home-brewed setting for WR&M that has a certain feel to it. It’s one thing to use descriptive buzz terms like “Steampunk Fantasy” or “Post Apocalyptic”, but it’s another to link players to a page that has an interactive gallery of photos you snagged online (or your own artwork), some music for feel as well as a brief guide and overview of your rules and setting info.

It’s purely aesthetic, and its function isn’t any more different than, say, using a Wiki page or building your own site. But I threw this sucker together pretty fast without coding, and collecting images was probably the hardest part for me. It seems to have helped my players, especially for the Play-By-Post game I’ve set up for it. It helped convey a mood and a feel for the setting; as well as inspired ideas for character creation.

((You can check out my wix page here. I decided not to embed it since it does have music playing, and might set some readers off.)

I agree that nothing beats learning to code things yourself, but I can tell that a lot of RPGBloggers aren’t really interested in learning how to code websites and want to focus their output more on their games and hobbies.

3 thoughts on “Using WIX for Your Game”

  1. That is tight, thanks for posting this! Also awesome work on Dragun! I’m going to have to give this a try soon, embedding = awesome. Did you know google wave embeds too? those two combined onto a blogger/blog site = epic potential.

    1. Not sure if you heard, but Google Wave is gonna be RIP soon. Also: Damn it Mike, did you change Twitter names again?

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