Gaming Report: Weekend of July 4

I managed to get some gaming goodness rolling this weekend, including a random pick-up game of D&D!

Friday Night — Hunter: The Vigil

First official session of my Hunter game. Really happy with the results. There were a few hiccups, but that was probably a combination of getting back into the new World of Darkness system after a hiatus (we’ve been playing Old WoD and D&D lately). It was also one of the first role-play experiences for a friend of mine, and she seems to be enjoying herself. I’m happy she was able to pick up on the dice mechanics and role playing pretty quickly.

The plot of the session was essentially a teen-aged boy went missing, and the cops didn’t want to bother finding him, so the distressed mother hired a P.I. who just happened to be a PC. What they ended up finding out was the boy ran off to join a biker gang that he didn’t realize was also a pack of Werewolves. The child himself was wolf-blooded/kinfolk, and they found him during his “initiation” when a younger werewolf from the pack had led him off to an abandoned warehouse to corner him into a fight, and bite him as part of his marking. The players arrived on the scene right before he was assaulted, but it was too late as they witnessed a teenage girl shift into a wolf and take a chunk out of the lad.

When this went down, one of the players immediately went to assist the young lad while the others tried to corner the wolf, who of course shifted into combat form and proceeded to damn near rip the face off one of the players. The PI took her down with the silver bullets he packed in his revolver, and wound up with the corpse of a dead teenage girl after she shifted back to human form. They attempted to cover up their tracks before the cops arrived, and took the son back to their safe house to patch him up.

This was the second half of the drama….being Werewolf hunters who have yet to really understand the concept of Wolf-Blooded and Kinfolk.  The kid’s father was a member of the pack long ago, and had died allegedly in a biking accident. After getting into a lot of trouble with his school and pissing off the wrong kids, he wanted to join the pack in order to feel safe. The hunters grew concerned at this point, wondering if they were going to have to “put the kid down.” Some research amongst The Union forums pointed that not everyone who’s bitten is changed. Some further phone calls and research amongst peers led to the conclusion that not every wolf-kin becomes a full werewolf, either. This was actually pretty intense to role-play, since they were frightened enough to want to put a bullet in the kid’s head while still worried he had a chance for humanity.

The session ended with the boy returned to his mother, and a pledge from the Hunter cell to protect them from the pack. It also ended with the PI’s office ransacked and smashed up, with the strong since of urine everywhere. Someone in the pack is pissed about their dead daughter.

Saturday Night — Spontaneous D&D Night

So my small town decided to consolidate two of its big festivals — the 4th of July Fun Fair and Dairy Fest — into one event, and host it on July the 3rd. I don’t know why, I was kind of disappointed to hear that. My town has a habit of changing holidays that land on Sunday to something else, so it doesn’t interfere with church. Go figure.

But after watching the fireworks, we loaded up on caffeinated beverages that I shouldn’t be drinking any more and had a spontaneous night of Dungeons & Dragons. This was more of an experiment than anything, and it paid off nicely. My DM Toolbox was put to the test, and appears to pass with flying colors in terms of portability and being able to slap dungeons tiles down as needed. The monster counters, however, are probably best to go through prior to a game and sort what’s needed. Still, they’re easier to lug around than miniatures.

I tried to speed up the process of character creation by using my laptop for chargen, but really it went equally fast just handing the players character sheets and letting them do it themselves. Once you understand the nuances of 4th Edition chargen, it actually doesn’t take too long to plug and go. While they created their characters, I had Masterplan slap together a random dungeon map and I threw together an Encounter Deck to assign some random monsters that were appropriate for the party.

I ended up just slapping dungeon tiles down, and using my different dice sets as miniatures. No confusion, worked perfectly.  The Goliath Warden and Minotaur Monk managed to survive the 4 encounter crawl (although lots of healing surges were blown and action points used) and fun was had by all. The best part? It was a GREAT stress test for my Alienware Mx11 laptop, which I had bought for the 8 hour battery life. Wasn’t plugged in the entire session, and still had some juice left.

Sunday Night — No Gaming, But Awesome.

Went over to my friend’s house for lots of grilled meat, home made Dr. Pepper ice cream, and setting off some fireworks of our own. Prior to those shenanigans, I had met up earlier with my brother at Starbucks and we gabbed a bit about his GURPS Dresden Files game. Also, if you hadn’t seen it, I kicked off my first post in a weekly series for a homebrewed 4E setting.

Hope everyone here in the states had a good, safe Independence Day!

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