The Vigil: Post-Chargen Mellowing Out.

I bitched a lot in the last post. You’d almost think I completely despise Hunter: The Vigil.

It was more of a fanboyish gripe; the remnants of my old Reckoning-player mentality lashing out at the new game line.  I’m over it.

While I still love the game and plot of the old Hunter, the new one definitely has some cool stories to tell. And I think I may be relaxing a bit on my nerdrage towards Compacts. Conspiracies, I can see their use and appeal. I may even run a chronicle using them; but honestly, I still feel they’re stepping into a realm of modern horror I can do without. I love gritty, I love the aspect of “everyday men and women” thrust into the hunt. Most of the Conspiracies in The Vigil, to me, take that away and turn it into something a bit more ridiculous. To be fair, stuff like Task Force: VALKYRIE and the Cheiron Group are awesome to me; I just didn’t care for the fancy occultish order hunter groups. Seemed counter productive; I’d rather run Mage if I’m going that far.

But My Group Rocks.

But last night, letting the players develop their characters together resulted in an awesome back story.  A scientist, a sports hunter and a private investigator team up with one thing in common: they hunt Werewolves.  I

It's okay Vigil, I forgive you.

totally wasn’t prepared for that; but at the same time, I freaking love their back stories.  The scientist developed an “all natural” scent mixture for a company that had “scent boxes” sold on the market. The scents included certain pheromones that were designed to trigger something in Werewolves, usually forcing them to shift. It was the scientist’s way of exposing the monsters she’s seen as a kid, and nobody believed in.

She learned the pheromone combination from the Sports Hunter, who also happened to be a member of The Union. Things get weird though when the device goes public, and eventually worked….a Werewolf catches wind of the scent, loses control, and ends up killing some innocent bystanders in a local coffee shop. The PI tracks the murderer down, only to be attacked and escapes within an inch of his life. Realizing the connection with the Scent Box and the violent change, the PI seeks out the scientist. Along with their Hunter friend, they hunt down the killer wolf in what would become their first killing as a cell.

It makes me realize I have a lot of Werewolf books for the new World of Darkness, but we hardly play. I think I’m going to be adjusting my chronicle a bit to explore using a new antagonist. Usually, we seldom bring in Werewolves (mostly because we like them too much) but now, they are an appealing monster.

This is going to be a good game, tater.

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