I hate “Still Here” Posts…

….but I’m still freaking writing one anyway.

Felt like I should at least post an update to let some peeps know about my further posting slow down.

I’ll give “Cliffs Notes” versions of everything so you may continue surfing your favorite blog feeds.

  • I’m already closing my game shop: My little game shop has only lasted four months, but I’m afraid after this weekend I’m closing its doors. Nothing else to really say; although I lost some cash in the business, I can thankfully say I don’t owe anyone a penny. Okay, I owe the IRS for the Quarter, but I got that covered. This will probably be the topic of a blog post next week. Long story short: I don’t regret it, I will miss it, but for my area and in this economy it was barely keeping itself afloat. I’ve seen lots of good things about the hobby and the community, and a lot of bad things about the industry itself. It’s been an awesome learning experience, and I’ll never forget my time with it.
  • Plotting my new direction: I have this website, I’m between jobs and have time on my hand. I’m talking with some peers about a possible collaboration to get some of our talents and work exposed on the web. Hopefully this will be revealed more over time.
  • Gaming as Usual: Got my plate full. Currently playing in a Mini Rokea WoD chronicle on the weekends, a friend’s D&D 3.0 campaign, and a monthly GURPS Dresden Files campaign with my bro.  On the GM’ing front, I’ve been in dire need of a break from fantasy RPG’s. Currently plotting out a Hunter: The Vigil chronicle that I’m getting excited about, despite my negative feelings towards a chunk of that game. Ironically, I am planning a small AD&D 1st edition campaign for a couple friends for some pick up nights. Luckily, that’s more to just play on off nights and will require less attention/prep work.

Bare with me, regular posting (and hopefully some actually interesting posting) will return next week.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss being the bearded game shop owner dude. Next week I get to play "Razors and Resume's"

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