Dark Heresy: a Nice Mahogany.

Alright so for a re-cap of my last related blog posts:

WFRP3e was not for me. Matter of fact, this post I think I’m going to go ahead and say: Man, it just sucks all around. If you enjoy it, rock on. But after dabbling with the 40K RPG’s, I’m really left wondering what the hell they were thinking.  I’m glad Fantasy Flight has stuck to the percentile system and the further development of the 40K Role Play; it’s a shame the fantasy line had to be the testing ground for their card stock rpg system. Seriously, I might not have been so hard if they made 3e the “Terrinoth RPG” system. I’m a fan of their Runebound and Descent: Journeys in the Dark boardgames, I would have been accepting. But  for Warhammer, it really did come off a step back.

Anyways, enough 3E hate. Time for some 40KRP love.

No, Twilight doesn’t “sparkle”.

So this weekend I ran a Dark Heresy one-shot using the “Shades on Twilight” adventure from the Purge the Unclean book. I trimmed it down a tad, mostly just ran it as a set of scenes and encounters. It was a bit railroad heavy, to which I regret, but overall the players really enjoyed themselves as well as the characters I pre-generated for them. While I know “Shades” is supposed to be part of a series of adventures, I figured it was a good way to introduce my players to how the 40K universe felt. I’m not wanting to give any major spoilers, but honestly: what better way to transcend from D&D to 40K than a crawl in a Space Hulk? How about one that’s about to get blown to smithereens before it crashes into a planet?

My only disappointment is that no players died. I’m not an overly cruel DM by any means, but lately I have been running a record for killing people during one-shot adventures. The best I mustered on this endeavor was one player down to a single wound point, another following right behind him, and the Psyker in the group had picked up an insanity.  But no critically wounded players, despite a show-off at the end with waay too many bad guys.  I really need to teach my dice to roll low on percentile based systems.

What I walked away with:

  • Character Creation in Dark Heresy was a blast. I love how quickly, and how detailed, I was able to prepare characters for the weekend. It allows for some good cherry picking options; but I think the real fun with the system is just letting the dice decide, well, everything. My players usually enjoy the challenge of trying new role-playing opportunities, so the diverse character concepts that emerged left everyone pretty satisfied.
  • The percentile system kept things fast.  I really enjoy how the attack rolls are reversed to figure out hit-locations. I was able to run a combat scene with about 20 NPC’s, and combat was still resolved quicker than a normal encounter in D&D.
  • The game felt like everything I ever wanted in a mash up between feudalistic space opera settings and Call of Cthulhu. Seriously, I wanted to curl up with my book and go to sleep like a little child and his new favorite toy on Christmas morning.

This weekend, we’ll be taking Rogue Trader for a test drive. My players appear to be really excited about this one, especially since grandiose visions of space buccaneers come to mind. I’m particularly excited about this one just because of all the opportunities I have to hijack their ship with Space Ork pirates. Seriously, I can’t say that without a shit-eating grin on my face.

Conclusion: Chubby. Mahogany. Teak.

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  1. that’s a bummer about 3e. the main reason I went against picking it up is I’m almost certain that I would have lost many pieces between both my kids.

    I picked up rogue trader awhile back and I love that book. Hopefully I’ll get to run it before the year is over but my hands are full with my Pathfinder campaign right now.

    What FFG needs to put out is a good Necromunda supplement. If they could redo the old necromunda boxed set and make wh40k rules to go with it(skirmish battle rules + rpg mechanics = awesome overload).

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