Let’s Roll….(the dice that is!)

That song at the beginning of Borderlands, performed by Cage The Elephant, is definitely a fitting tune for this week.

“Aint no rest for the wicked, money don’t grow on trees…I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, there aint nothing in this world fo’ free…..”

The game shop, despite being in reality a small time vendor deal at a marketplace, has launched with a pretty good amount of hype and the news appears to be spreading well. I hope it keeps up this steam, because it would be nice to keep a place like it open for our small college town. What I’m doing, honestly, could not be pulled off in a big city.  Well, it could, but why would anyone want to go to a Trader’s Village type place for their game stock when they could hit up a real, commercialized store front in a mall or some bigger place? Locally, I’m filling a void that has much demand. If I can build up enough steam, I may take that leap into attempting to getting a real store front. But for right now, low overhead costs and low-risk investment seems to have pros that outweigh the cons of my oddball location. Pros like the inter-connectivity of the other vendors and merchants selling at the Marketplace:  Everyone seems eager to help everyone out in order to keep the place alive. We all seem to have our niche markets, and anytime we find deals for someone else, we let them know.  I’ve already picked up some good war gaming stock through another vendor for cheap; another gal who does custom gift bags is making dice bags to sell through my shop.  It’s been an amazing communal experience, which I like to think is one of the aspects that attracts people there.

And now, something game related.

Enough about the shop, I have been thinking entirely on the subject for weeks now. I need to find some moments to get back into some actual gaming here and there! A couple weeks ago we started a new campaign. That is SO SCARY to say….campaign often times implies “thought out setting/plot/etc.”  To be honest, all we have is one session under our belts involving the “Lair of the Ogre King” intro adventure for Forgotten Realms. Don’t ask me why, I decided I wanted to run the new Realms.  I think it’s the fact I was actually never a huge fan of the original FR to begin with, so the way they smashed and slaughtered sacred cows to wedge 4E into their world sounded appealing to me.

I’ll be honest….I was just lazy and while we laid our old campaign to rest for a while, I wanted something NOT so epic and dire. It’s time to go back to Level 1, and this time I just want to have fun. Last campaign was all about the over-arching plotlines and struggles against the forces of evil. This time, not so much. Maybe the term should be “Dungeon Romp?” Let’s take the attitude of “Hey, I heard there’s treasure over there!” and crank it to 11. I want everyone to remember these gaming sessions fondly like how we remembered watching The Goonies as kids.

So far, so good. The party is consisting of a Shifter Beast Master, a Tiefling Chaos Sorcerer, a Cleric and Paladin of Tempus, and a Gnomish Bard. During our first session, the Cleric and Paladin both had to drop out mid-session due to Real Life obligations and ailments; so that REALLY made the first delve interesting. There was so much to recap, I couldn’t possibly put everything here, but just know the night ended with our sides hurting from so much laughter.  There were lots of tricks and deceits pulled on the poor goblin inhabitants of the delve; and one combat session even resorted to face making and rude gestures during initiative turns for actions. The best part, though, was when the Gnome was injured while grabbing the Skull Totem….he went invisible and then thought “Wait, my hand is still on the Skull!” So, amazingly, the party snatched the primary object of the quest and ran for the hills.

I’m hoping this upcoming Spring Break I can fit in at least another session like that. It’s actually kind of cool starting anew after such a long campaign, and now we have a MUCH better understanding of the rules. It’s crazy after handling high-end Paragon tier combat to go back to a game where a difficulty of 10 is a moderate challenge taking 15 points of damage is frightening.

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  1. As a former store owner in Oklahoma City, I can tell you that there are some potential pitfalls.
    First, regular customers will be your bread and butter. They spend money and more importantly form social groups that “glue” customers to your store. Do what little you can to appease them and let them know you appreciate them. And by all means do not get mad for something and chase them all away. They can troll ebay too, and probably will if they decide they don’t like coming back to the store.
    Second, watch out for dead product. Everything is going to be about cash flow, especially in a small store with a small inventory. If you don’t think an item will be purchased, think twice before picking it up. And don’t be afraid to post it back up on ebay for liquidation if it sits on your shelf longer than you would like. It’s best to invest in stock you can move than stock you might move.
    Third and most importantly, support the local gamers. If you have come into a large stock of a product generate some interest in it by hosting a game with it. If you want to get into Warhammer, start a gaming league and watch them compete to support the store. And always keep an eye out for potential GMs who might run a game in the store to build up interest and the customer base.
    Remember you are going to operating solely on the whims of your customer’s disposable income. If they loose interest in the store they won’t be back.

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