A Reply to the Boston Herald

The following is a response I wrote to the Boston Herald for their article “Suspect in slays fan of Dungeons”


I’ve known Youth Ministers and Preachers who actually played D&D. I’ve known Lawyers and Doctors. I’ve known college professors, of the non-murdering kind mind you….house wives, IT Professionals, writers, actors, soldiers, police officers….all walks of life share this hobby.

For every bad apple you link to D&D, you’re doing more harm bringing a horrible image and stereotype to a very diverse and open minded community. A community, mind you, that has accomplished many good for others.

The website DriveThruRPG.Com has raised over $178,900.00 to Doctors Without Borders in light of the Haiti disaster. A lot of our gaming conventions have had fund raisers going to children’s charities or to support our troops. Many towns and cities have “Gaming Clubs” after school that are there to help keep kids away from gangs, drugs and criminal activity.

Why vilify us? What good are YOU doing with sensationalism and stirring the flames?

3 thoughts on “A Reply to the Boston Herald”

  1. The good they’re doing is producing “newsworthy” (HA HA HA) content based on some vague standard they’re force-fed in college to attract readers.

    Journalism is about pandering for the benjamins nowadays.

  2. Isn’t it great how they connect this shooting to another one 10 years ago.

    ‘Cause, I guess there haven’t been any other violent crimes in the last 10 years…

    Certainly no other work place shootings to make reference to…


  3. I’m really glad you called the Boston Herald out on this shit.

    What irked me the most is that article took for granted that the killer’s actions were in some way enabled by D&D while offering no evidence. Even the language used was unusual – what the hell is a D&D “devotee?”

    “They even acted out this crap” sounds like they interviewed the most ignorant, insular jack-off they could muster.

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