Masterplan 8 is out!

Masterplan Version 8 is Out for Free Download.

It hit on Sunday, but I’ve been kinda swept up in real life stuff. Still, this is awesome news! If you haven’t checked out Masterplan in a while do yourself a favor and see how this project has grown!
You may notice the website has even been spruced up a bit, and now refers to itself as an “Adventure Design Studio.”

Newest Features as listed from their site:

Added features include:

  • Magic items can be entered (or downloaded from the Compendium) and used to automatically build treasure parcels
  • The Compendium feature now allows you to download new data or update existing data
  • Added a “tactics” field to creatures
  • In combat you can mark used powers as unused
  • Custom map tokens and overlays can now display custom images or map tiles
  • The combat screen now shows the current combat round
  • Creature auras are now shown on the map
  • Combat screen now has landscape / portrait layout options
  • The encounter filter settings now include the option to filter creatures by standard / elite / solo / minion
  • You can now create a map from any image file directly in the encounter builder
  • The skill challenge builder has been redesigned
  • You have the option to create a dungeon delve from the welcome screen
  • Greatly improved performance in the encounter builder and library screen
  • Added HP / defence scores / initiative bonus to PCs
  • WOTC Character Builder files can be imported into projects
  • The quick reference sheet now shows party information
  • You now have the option to calculate XP from all plot points, or take the average XP from each layer

I can’t praise this software enough; it’s made my DM’ing become less of a chore and running a game a breeze. It’s also helped me get the most mileage out of my D&D Insider account.

4 thoughts on “Masterplan 8 is out!”

  1. I’ve been puttering around with this version. It is a pretty neat program. I’m looking forward to using this for planning my games. Still not sure about using it as a combat manager program, but it has potential. Thanks for posting!

  2. I would like to thank you for sharing the information on your virtual gametable, since I will have a player moving to the other end of the world I will have to use a virtual setup at least for him, most likely for everyone though.

  3. One big thing to note is that Masterplan itself does not have any network capabilities and the virtual tabletop is for “local” side games. That said, if you google “Game Table RC 7” that is a very simple virtual tabletop that works great alongside Masterplan 🙂

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