[STO]The Chaos Log — Nerd Raging on Nerd Ragers

Last night I was a guest on Kahless’s radioshow. And the topic of our discussion was “Nerd Raging on the Nerd Ragers.”
What follows is sort of a cumulation of my rants from last night; not all of it is covered here, but, it hits most of the points. Forgive me, for this will hopefully be the only negative post I have in regards to STO. In all honesty, I’m having a blast in the game. I’m looking forward to spending many hours with my Klingon comrades shooting up Federation players. But there’s one thing we’ve all grown kind of sick about in the game.

I didn’t get near as much game time as I have hoped for in the Star Trek Online beta, but I’ve seen enough to convince me this is going to be a game I’ll enjoy. Also in the time I’ve been playing, I’ve seen lots of wonderful improvements to the game’s stability and UI that makes me feel that Cryptic is going to take care of this endeavor. It may not push out some features as fast as a lot of fanboys and MMO Trolls will want, but I think STO is shaping up to be a game that will rock for what it is.

If there was anything that I would strike, though, as a major deterrent to the beta, is the continuing trend of MMO betas having some of the absolute fucking worst asshats and entitlement whores congregating in one place; which unfortunately is the global/zone chats.

  • You have the canon fanboys bitching about the pickiest details that nobody gives a flip about.
  • People who are pissed that the game didn’t do something their way, and they have to let everyone know how they would’ve designed the game.
  • You have kiddies who fill up the chat with how much this game sucks compared to Game X (WoW, Aion, EVE, etc)
  • Hardcore MMO PvP  junkies who are pissed that it’s not an open world sandbox where you can freely gank everyone and perma destroy them.

I can’t wait for about the second or third month post launch when the influx of asshats finaly tapers off and the peeps who are truly interested in the game will stick around. Then, the game will begin to really shine I believe. I never understood people who are apparently so miserable with a game’s design that they honestly believe that if they bitch about it enough in a Zone Chat, or on forums, they’re going to suddenly change how the whole game plays. Newsflash: To anyone hoping that STO will abandon it’s “2.5D” RTS-ish space naval battle system for a flight sim in two months, go ahead and cancel your pre-order NOW. Uninstall, go back to the games that make you happy, and stop muddying up the chats for people who appreciate the game as it is. One thing that truly cracks me up is the number of alleged “experts” in the gaming industry (who have no credentials past saying “I work in IT” or “I’ve played games for years”) who feel there’s some vast conspiracy against the gaming community to not develop their dream games. Games of open, virtual universes where we can travel for miles and float down to the planets and see the inhabitants and then engage in “authentic” space combat where we can lambast the opposition, board their ships and have hot, nasty sex with their Orion slave girls while we jettison the players out to space to shoot them with their own blasters.

Reality check: Modern gaming rigs are awesome, but we’re not to Holodeck levels yet. We’re still restrained by processing power on both client and server side, as well as internet connections. Yes, your dream game sounds amazing and even doable at smaller scales. But on a massive scale, not so bueno. Plus these dimwits forget all of the resources needed for making said game….if any jackass could skin an entire photo-realistic MMORPG, program the physics, design the net code to handle thousands of players, make the sound effects and voice acting……..well, we’d have a lot of kickass games by now wouldn’t we? If you have the talent, get off your ass and get to work you twat. Stop bitching on a game forum about how someone else’s project didn’t live to your expectations.

“But I paid for Beta!”

You did what? Why on God’s green earth did you pay for Beta? If that’s the case, you deserve disappointment.
What you paid for is the game, and for giving them money ahead of time they’re going to give you wonderful gimmicky in-game things like Emotes and, most of all, an opportunity to play in the beta as an added bonus. Beautiful thing about pre-orders is if you absolutely decide you despise the game, you can cancel for a refund. If this game is too buggy for you, or you don’t like the direction it’s going, then cancel your pre-order and go buy something else. I recommend Borderlands, that game is awesome.

Betas are not free trials. They are an awesome way to scope games out ahead of time, but they’re also stress tests. Sometimes you can’t find all the quirks on your own; and it’s better to test something putting it out in the wild. If you’re disappointed with login queues or some features not yet implemented, as Bill Ingvall would say “Here’s your sign.”

“This game is full of instancing and isn’t an MMO. I should be able to kill whoever I want, too.”

On instancing: I’m a Guild Wars player; and have spent more time in the past 4 years in that game than WoW or any others. If using instances automatically makes a game not an MMO, then I’m happy to say I hate playing MMOs.
Having areas I go into with a set group doesn’t bother me; I had more “immersion” in Guild Wars being involved with a story and doing heroics with my friends than doing a task in an area that a dozen other people are doing for the same guy. Besides, STO uses Instances awesomely with randomly generated missions, planets and maps. I can do the same quest over and over and get different results and encounters each time.

As for Open PvP, sorry, believe it or not but the mass majority of players in the market are put off by titles where people can be ganked anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I can have fun in those games too. But name me a single MMO that is soley Open PvP, and not hurting for subs right now? No, you can’t say Aion, because the factional setup prevents peeps from openly ganking one another, and it keeps a good chunk of PvE content separate. There’s only one title you can mention: EVE. And while EVE is fine on its own right, from a business standpoint it’s still not that successful compared to other games like LOTRO, Guild Wars, and that which shall not be compared to because they keep the PvP optional for those who wish to indulge.

And to all the EVE fanboys that like to say how “EVE demonstrates that there is a market for open, persistant space games with permanent loss PvP” I say Yes, and you all have EVE to play. For the rest of us who don’t want to justify paying a subscription to spend 7 hours on auto pilot getting across the galaxy so we can watch dots on a far away space screen saver auto battle it out, we’re hitting up STO and giving you jackholes the finger.  I like having a game I can play, thank you. Especially one I can hop into and get in on the action, not one I have to play for months to get anywhere near the excitement.


My advice to anyone who hops in during the launch:

  • Disable zone chat in the main chat tab.
  • Create a new tab labeled “Zone” or “Barrens Chat” or whatever; enable Zone Chat there for the times you might really need it.
  • Find a Fleet. There’s a lot of good ones that have been playing since Closed Beta, and are ready to help newcomers in.
  • If you’re not wanting to commit to a fleet, start a chat room or join one in-game.
  • Stick to 3rd-party community sites about the game; official forums and general MMO boards are always cesspools of trolls, flamers and cry babies.

There is a lot to explore and to enjoy, both in PvE and PvP. Sadly, as with any new game these days, it’ll be the community that can make or break a title. Luckily, I’m going in with an awesome fleet of friends and allies I’ve been gaming with for years. My prediction is STO will suffer the same levels of crash and burn hype all other MMOs do these days just because it’s the season’s new title. The difference is, however, that like LOTRO it’s going to keep a devoted fan base and while not a WoW killer, will end up being a solid game in its own right.

And that once Star Wars comes out, a lot of STO fanboys will be raiding their Zone chats and bitching about how there’s no space flight. SNAP!

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  1. Man, you beat me to the STO rant. Ah well, most of what you cover is what I was going to say anyway. Yeah, STO is a nice game with plenty of future potential and content for our consumption, but if your going to enjoy that game, disable chat for all but your friends list.

    In fact, during head start you can keep your team settings as they are, those who have pre ordered will be beta testers who decided to stick around anyway. During the first month, turn off chat, restrict your team and instance settings to minimum (you, friends and you team only) and restrict your team settings to damn near minimal. And turn off chat.

    The last 7 days have been a good experience for me about the game mechanic and the community, and the potential community to come… and its not good. The asshats and idiots who ‘don’t pay to read’ are going to drive you insane otherwise.

    “Where is the Celse System?”
    “What’s this Starbase 24 mission?”
    “Why can’t I enter this system?”
    “Where is the Kalhoona System?”
    “What’s an enemy contact?”
    “ARE YOU gayzor?”
    “Why can’t I equip starship phasers on my toon?”(Ground toon not ship)
    “What’s a Romulan?”
    “What does ‘inventory full’ mean?”
    “Where is the Celes System?”
    “How do I make a Klingon?”
    “What does this error message mean?”
    “I can’t find the exit portal from the starbase space map, HELP!”

    I’d like to say that these all happened once and that the chat was not spammed by these sorts of questions… but I’d be lying.

    Open beta is like a test bed for all the people too idle to open up the damn mission logs and read a few lines of text.

    Yep, I sound like elitist scum, and I’ll probably act like it for a few weeks of play, but I do not care, I don’t play games to answer stupid questions that people should already know from reading the manual and logs.

    I am determined to have STO as my ‘Fuck it, relax’ game, and to hell with the rest of the server… for 2 weeks anyway.

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