Star Wars Saga Recap: 1/17/2010

I must have had my head in the stars these days, between playing Star Trek Online’s beta (which is being chronicled here,) playing Mass Effect so I’ll be ready once the sequel comes out, and now getting a chance to roll the dice with Star Wars: Saga Editon. This is the first time since the first quarter of last year that I was able to sit down on the opposite side of the proverbial screen and get to actually play anything! That said, I still caught myself lending GM’ing advice and rules calls because this was apparently everyone’s first time dabbling in the game. John, our GM, did make a noble effort however to take it all in prior to game time and I think once we get the hang of the quirky bits we’ll have a solid game running.

We’re currently playing in the Dawn of Defiance campaign that was made available from Wizards. The party setup so far is interesting: A couple of humans, Antonious Marshall (or just Marshall) and Walker, a soldier and scoundrel respectively, who were former cadets for the Alderaanian Securtiy forces who didn’t quite make the cut. A Wookie Jedi, whom I never caught the name and I resorted to Marshall just calling her “Wookie” the whole time; and Nippit, an Ewok Scout who apparently has learned Basic after being a stowaway on a vessel smuggling goods through Endor.

Run down of the gaming session (Spoiler Alert for Dawn of Defiance)

Our session began with the ship that Nippit has spent the past year stowed away on docking at Sel Zonn space station, with her escaping by the two guarding cronies with relative ease and slipping into the massive crowds. She eventually worked her way over to the station’s food court area in search of grub, where she ended up running into the Wookie Jedi, who agreed to help her around the place. Meanwhile, Marshall and Walker were sitting at a table enjoying some grub, realizing they were down to their last creds and desperately trying to come up with a plan for work.

As fate always has it in the Star Wars Universe, a woman staggered into the area, apparently wounded, and collapsed on our table. She only had time to ask for help, and mentioned payment, before some undercover Imperials came chasing in, reaching for their weapons as obvious Imperial troops came marching in the other entrance.

I tried everything in my power to haggle with the guys and cover up our injured person, and even tried to convince them I was Imperial Security (but apparently, they recognized me as former Alderaanian security, damn.) The inevitable combat scene occurred as I realized negotiations were over and reached for my blaster rifle. The Wookie Jedi, realizing she was caught up in this mess, grabbed one of the agents, picked him up and slammed him to the floor. Shoot outs began, including Nippit apparently trying to shoot the guards with her bow and arrow, and Marshall ended the round slapping cuffs on the downed agent and leaping behind a bar for cover.

Walker decided to join his partner, carrying the injured woman with him behind the bar, while the Wookie kinda lost her temper and beat the snot out of one of the other guys. Marshall was able to pick off another guy from behind the bar, and soon we cleared the place out of Imperial Agents. The woman continued to plead for help, hazily, while offering monetary reward. She told us about her apartment on the Station, and as we scooped her up to proceed in that direction we invited our new hairball friends to join us “Because, afterall, you two are caught on the security cameras as well. And the Imperials don’t seem to like non-humans” I muttered.

The Party was Formed; the Plot Unfolds….

The next big chunk of the session involved us getting our new, injured employer to safety, and learning that she worked directly for the Senator of Alderaan. In exchange for our help she offered credits and even some permanent work to us, which my character was quick to point out that the tables had turned since originally Alderaan Security didn’t want him or his amigo. Still, we took the job. Our task was to retrieve a cargo shipment containing “sensitive” materials to the Senator and couldn’t fall into Imperial hands. Our journey for the Cargo Shipment lead us into a shady sector of the space station to find a broker (who was a protocol droid) to acquire said shipment. While haggling with him, we got jumped by a Chevin Gangster and his cronies apparently wanting to collect a debt from the droid. Combat ensued, and we whooped some ass (although the Wookie did fumble and kiss her lightsaber at one point. Ouch.) In exchange for saving his life, the Droid informed us he stashed the shipment on Blue Deck, an Imperial humans-only security area. We would also come to find out the nature of our cargo: A carbonite slab, with someone in it. Our goal now was to infiltrate Blue Deck, call our contact and get a ship to run us out of there with the cargo.

When you lack minis, use spare dice and counters.
The next part was awesome. Nippit actually came up with a clever plan of disguising ourselves as maintenance crew. Walker hacked into the Station’s network to check out Blue Deck, and retrieved the location of a changing room for employees. We managed to bluff our way in, convincing guards we were newly hired maintenance men. After getting our attire, but raising some suspicion, our Wookie-in-waiting casually strutted by, causing the guards to panic and escorting her down the hall away from Blue Deck.  We ran into the cargo areas, only to find the Imperials already escorting our carbonite slab via a repulsor sled.. Bummer. Somehow, through good persuasion roles and a lot of role playing, I talked the guards into stopping for a moment. I convinced them the Repulsor Sled was having some issues, even reaching into my utility belt for some energy cells and saying “it needed a recharge and some thrusters are off. Give me a second to re-calibrate so it doesn’t just fall on you!”

Dumbasses, I hopped on board, fired the drop net that apparently was armed on the sucker, told Walker to hop on and began driving the sucker out into the hall. I thought I was so clever, until my piloting roll botched and we kinda wrecked getting out of the cargo bay into the hall. At this point, we were in line of sight of the Wookie still being forced down the hall way, so I yelled out to her and initiative began. I want to say we kicked some ass in the fight, and really we did, but we had our butts handed to us as well. At one point I leaped on top of the repulsor sled, firing down on the troops we were dragging with net and challenging everyone to pop a shot at me. I did that as an in-character device to fire off my Draw Fire ability, so my allies in the fight could be spared some shots. Unfortunately, this resulted in seeing my Hitpoints drop from 33 to 7, even after a second wind.

Walker and Wookie ended up getting a blasted a bit much and falling in battle, and I barely got by finishing up the combat before our ship arrived. I loaded up, with the two fallen comrades on the sled, and hauled ass into the ship. The session ended with us arriving back on Alderaan, being greeted by Senator Bail Organa himself. He was thankful for our work (apparently we rescued an informant) and in return, were paid handsomely and offered more work. To be continued…..