Obligatory New Years Post, Part Deux: 2010 Forecast

After giving 2009 a fond farewell (and middle finger), it’s time to look ahead with a raised chin (and middle finger) to 2010.

Definite Tabletop Forecast for 2010:

  • My Dungeons & Dragons 4E campaign is coming to its climax. I would like to end it before Epic tier, as I don’t really have any creative steam for it past the current point. It’s time to finish the story, detemine the outcome of the war, and give the players their final tests of valor. At some point this year I hope to either get to play D&D 4E under my fiancee, or start my next campaign later this year. Which, I’ve decided, will most likely be Eberron.
  • Deadlands: Reloaded will be my next campaign with my D&D group that I run. I’m in dire need of a break from 4E, but my long term interest isn’t lost. I just want to go back to a faster paced, classless system again for a brief stint. Thinking of actually running a small storyline based on our small town, which has some local ghost stories originating from pioneer days. I also liked using New Braunfels, TX as a base setting for our short games this Winter Break; may use that some more as well. Yee haw.
  • I’m also getting my copy of Realms of Cthulhu in this week for Savage Worlds. I have a friend who has been BEGGING me to run Cthulhu, and his boyfriend is curious about role-playing but has never picked up the dice.  I think the Savage Worlds system would be perfect to introduce him to role playing with, and I know everyone in my gaming circle just loves it when I propose one-shot Cthulhu nights.
  • And as a recent bonus, I’m possibly getting to be a PLAYER soon for a Star Wars: Saga Edition game. I’m looking forward to this since it’s a chance to play with an old friend from game nights past, along with a couple guys I don’t think I’ve ever met. I’m also curious about Saga Edition since it seems to be a system halfway between 4E and d20/3.5.

Online Gaming Endeavors:

  • The Dark Underbelly of West Brundiland Should hopefully (FINALLY) be kicking off this week (probably during the expected freeze of Wednesday) via Google Wave. This will probably slant to a more narrative-style RP, but it’s Savage Worlds/Fantasy based for mechanics and I plan to run combat as such. I hope Wave works out for us as a platform; otherwise, I may just take it to a forum. Still, I’d like a platform that can equally handle conflicting schedules as well as an almost real-time play style in case we can all get on at once.
  • I’m also planning an online RIFTS campaign for a few friends. The very thought sounds intimidating and scary, but it’s a system these chaps in particular happen to enjoy. And after attempting to convert RIFTS to Savage Worlds, I actually learned that the base system of Palladium isn’t all that bad…it’s just what you’re willing to toss out the window. This won’t be play by post/wave, but instead using Gametable and Vent for Voice. I may decide on RPTools instead; but Gametable is what I’m familiar with.

Projects that May or May Not see Fruition:

  • Sinister Project “S”: Found an old 2 page print out for a fantasy setting I brewed up to run a game with a few years ago. It only had one session, and to be honest almost had nothing to do with the lore I came up with. It was originally an Iron Heroes, but I’m debating writing it up as maybe a Savage Worlds or Pathfinder setting. Hell, I may do both.
  • “Savage Wormwood”: Exactly what it sounds like: Take the RIFTS Dimension Book “Wormwood” but run the setting using Savage Worlds. Will probably write my own notes for Wormspeakers as an Arcane background; rest of character concepts are “anything goes”. Thinking of running it in 3F! style in the vein of a Ralph Bakshi movie or Heavy Metal comic. And no, Mr. Siembeida, I won’t post my conversion notes here.

The next part of the New Years crap I write will be something a little more personal and probably not fed over the RPGBN. But I welcome any RPGBN members to check back and read it, as it will contain some comments in regard to another couple blog posts I’ve read via the network. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory New Years Post, Part Deux: 2010 Forecast”

  1. I found D&D 3/.5 to be just WAY too cumbersome…and reading 4th Edition turned me off. That said, Star Wars Saga Edition just reads like SOO much fun. I’m planning to try it with my young son, with him playing a young padawan during the Clone Wars.

    Its an improvement over “standard” d20, imho, as it has broad classes, no “dead” levels, a more cinematic skill system, looser requirements for prestige classes, and the talent trees REALLY make it come alive.

    If the game happens, good luck and keep us informed.

  2. Heh well, from what I’ve read if you just added powers to all classes based on At-Will, Encounter and Daily to SW:Saga Edition, and cut out Prestiege classes and replace them with “Paragon Paths” you’d have 4E.

    But yeah I’ll keep peeps posted. It does look fun, and seems more refined than the previous d20 incarnations of Star Wars I played.

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