Savage Worlds Winner(s) Announced!

Well, blame my clumsy hands for the predicament! I collected all the names and entries for my give away, listed them in the order they were received from the various sites, and I numbered each one. Came out with 25 SW_Fanentries, not bad I suppose (definitely the most traffic I’ve had, and only a handful of peeps followed me to different sites.) So I wrote up some numbers on small pieces of folded up paper, put them in a bowl and mixed it around for about a good solid 2 minutes. I reached in, drew a piece, and as luck would have it my big clumsy hands must have mashed three entries together.

Damn the luck! And checking the numbers, all three were peeps who took their chances with different entries at my different pages, so I didn’t want to just toss them back in the pool!
So, in spirit of the contest, I pulled out a handy dandy Savage Worlds Wild Die (okay it was a spare d6 on hand) and rolled for the grand prize. But, you know, it was tough. I am a wimp when it comes to these things. So, in the spirit of giving (and gaming) I have decided the other two names drawn will ALSO receive copies of the Savage Worlds Core Rules! But the Grand Prize winner gets the dice, cards, and poker chips!

So here are the winners!

  • Brian Doucet -> Grand Prize!
  • Sean Holland -> Core Rulebook Runner Up!
  • Zem Torr -> Core Rulebook Runner Up!

Grats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who played! I will be getting in contact with the winners shortly for mailing addresses!