Meet the Mice: Spring 1152

Editorial Note: T. is a good friend of mine and guest columnist here at the Chaos Grenade. He’s also the one who donated the web space for this site, and amongst his many talents and practices is a gamer, a writer and an artist. He also has a muse that blazes at 300 MPH and is a sadist.

It has been ages since I’ve posted here, but I do have good news to report.  I am finally getting back into the GM shoes.  It has been four years since I have done any actual serious table top gaming, and needless to say I’ve been in various states of withdraw for a while now.  I picked up Mouse Guard several months back, and rather enjoyed the simplistic system.  Now I have a gaming group that I don’t really know (2 guys I met that have been wanting to get back into gaming, and a brand new player never done any RPG’s before) so I figured it might be a good one to get a feel for the players for.

We will be meeting mostly on Saturday nights (exception being holidays and times when I am on first call.) And I plan on recapping the events and information on here, just as the good Rev does.  This time around, the players requested at the start, for me to have a mouse with them, at the patrol leader position, so I can at least guide and help with learning the rules.  Once they have a decent handle, this character will be gone.  So without further ado, let’s meet our mice.

Tristam – Patrol Leader

“One day I’ll be done with this, but for now, once more into the fray.”

celanawereadTristam is an old gray fur, and has been in the Mouse Guard  for almost forty years now.  He’s been around the territories, and part too many conflicts to name.  Tristam is extremely jaded, scarred and just an ornery old bag, that just won’t die.  Usually very independent, was put into a Patrol Leader position he did not want, and succeeded, causing him to quickly arise to the rank of Guard Captain.  Shortly after the end of the Weasel Wars, Tristam was convicted of a crime, and stripped of his rank of Guard Captain, sent back being a Patrol Leader.  Only one of his patrol members remembers Tristam from when he was a Guard Captain, but still does not quite understand what happened, as it has been kept quiet at all the top levels.  Tristam is simply a survivor, no matter what is thrown at him, although he’d rather just have a beer thrown at him.

Cale – Patrol Guard

“Build, do not destroy.”

midnight_mousebuttCale is a veteran of the Weasel Wars even though it has left him in a rather hard part in his life.  His family were once prominent politicians and emissaries to the weasels.  He can count as many friends in the underground tunnels of the weasels as he can enemies.  The problem is, there are a lot of mice in the Guard that he can count as enemies.  Cale himself has never turned against the Guard, but has been accused of it several times.  He does know how to fight from his time in the wars, but he completely excels at patching up his allies as well as crafting fortifications for their protection.

Taryn – Guardmouse

“The best solution is always at the tip of my knives.”

looks_leftTaryn is a young, fiery red fur, that got her cloak as a Guardmouse less than a year ago.  She is new and fresh when it comes to the Guard, but is a fighter, plain and simple.  She grew up the only daughter, and the youngest  of countless siblings.  Her mother died when she was extremely young, and her father was a brewer and tavern owner, where she worked.  Needless to say, she got a lot of experience in bar fights, disorderly conduct, and a very quick temper.  She also knows a thing or two about crafting the firewater, something that keeps her in favor of Tristam.

Tarvis – Tenderpaw

“Better myself by surviving.”

peeksTarvis is a little older than most Tenderpaws.  The kid though has had a tough life, without much guidance due to his parents being gone for longer than he can remember.  He always had to rely on his wits, his thoughts, and just his natural charm to get by.   While he never got pegged for anything in particular, he pissed off the entire council in Sprucetuck, causing him to have to run.  He went into the Guard as one, it will give him more experience, and two, put him into a better position to put some of his own ambitions into fruition.  He just came off his apprenticeship in the archives, and has been assigned to Tristam to teach him the ropes and get him prepared for life in the Guard.

And that is our cast of characters, the first session is tonight, so expect a write up very soon.