The “D.C.B. X-MAS” Savage Worlds Give Away!

Ho Ho Huuuggghhhh!! *cough cough hack hack*

As we approach the end of the year and have the Holidays upon us, The Chaos Grenade would love to have a non-denominational festive give away! What could be better than the gift of gaming? Well, booze doesn’t hurt. Those sausage and cracker gift sets can be pretty swank. Oh, oh! Last year I got my brother a USB-powered cup warmer, that can be pretty neat-o right?

Well, I decided after seeing some pretty cool giveaways via the RPG Blogger Network (yes, I steal ideas from NewbieDM constantly) that I wanted to do one myself. But I didn’t want to just give away a free supplement that catered to one game or crowd, but something that any gamer could want a free shot at. So it hits me “Hey Laz! Why don’t you give away a free copy of Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition?”  Hey, that works! It’s a simple system that covers a lot of bases, and with just the core rulebook you can come up with lots of settings, character concepts and adventures to run. Hell, just the core book and all of the free supplements on PEG’s website and all the fan made content like the SavagePedia and SavageHeroes could give you many, many nights of good gaming.

But there was one problem: The damn book is only $10. What kind of a give away is that? Oh hell, it’s a Dirty Cheap Bastardo give away! And why shouldn’t it be? Savage Worlds is a system that even with all of the awesome products out there, you don’t need to lug a library to game night just to run your game. It’s not only a system that lives up to its “Furious! Fast! Fun!” mentality, but it’s also a system for someone who wants to game and doesn’t want to break the bank. So hell, why not make this a Dirty Cheap Bastardo X-Mas Give Away?

Yes, my couch has a board/card/dice game pattern.

Get to the damn goods already!
This give away will reward one lucky winner everything they would need to get into Savage Worlds:

  • One (1) copy of the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition core book
  • Two (2) decks of regular playing cards (used for handling initiative and other things in the system.)
  • One set of blue dice (d4,d6,d8,d10,d12, a d20 kept with the set, and an extra off-colored d6 “Wild Die”)
  • A set of Poker Chips* (used as Bennies; if you pick up a copy of the Deadlands: Reloaded setting, you use them for Fate Chips.)
    *to add to the D.C.B. theme of the giveaway, the Poker Chips actually came from a popcorn tin gift set. I’ll toss in the Miller Lite playing cards with the prize upon request.

How do I win?

All you have to do is enter yourself for the drawing. The deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 16th 2009. That following Thursday, I will draw the name and announce the winner of the contest, whom after wards I will try to get in touch with about where and whom to send the prize to. I can’t guarantee this prize will be eligible to be shipped anywhere before Christmas, so if you’re trying to win this prize to give as a gift be aware of that. However, I will do everything in my power to get it to you or your destination ASAP. Also realize I live in the US; so international destinations may take a bit longer.

To enter the contest, you may do the following:

  • Leave a comment on this article here at The Chaos Grenade. Leave a friendly comment, or share with me a funny gaming story from the past year, or tell me what you’re looking forward to game wise in the year ahead.
    Make sure you enter your email (or log in via the social networking tie-ins I have) so I’m able to contact you later!
  • Join and leave a comment on this article at The Chaos Grenade’s Facebook Fan Page. Same comment rules as above.
  • Leave the comment “Have a Dirty Cheap Bastardo X-Mas!” on my profile page at the RPMN
  • Leave me a holiday related comment on the Youtube Vid for the contest. (To filter out the YouTube trash commenters, if any.)
  • Lastly, follow me on Twitter and post a link to this article! (Make sure you mention @revlazaro so I can see it in my reply box!)

Bonus: I’ve always wanted a stalker for X-Mas. You’re allowed to enter one time PER SOCIAL NETWORK SITE. So, if you feel like stalking me, that’s 5 times you can add your name to the pot!

9 thoughts on “The “D.C.B. X-MAS” Savage Worlds Give Away!”

  1. What I’m most looking forward to? Using the Doctor Who RPG as the gateway drug that broke the camel’s back to get one of my friends into RPGs.

  2. Considering I inspired the contest 🙂 I feel like I have to throw my name in the ring here…..

    Plus I’ve heard a lot of good things about SW, so why not…?

  3. I started Running a Savage Worlds Game this year. Not only was this the first time I’d ventured into playing Savage Worlds, it was my first foray into Game Mastering. We’re almost to the Explosive Conclusion of Zombie Run and after that will venture into the world of Deadlands.

    I could always use another book on the table.

  4. I have only played Savage Worlds using other people’s books so it would be nice to have my own copy. And they have been coming out with such interesting setting books lately.

    Thanks for the contest and Happy Holidays!

  5. As those who are posting on your RPMN site… Have a Dirty Cheap Bastardo X-Mas!!! 🙂 They need Christmas cards with that on them!

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