The Gaming Session that Almost Wasn’t.

Warning: This blog post will probably contain some crude humor and bodily jokes that some will find offensive, and others just plain childish. That said, I felt compelled to blog about last night purely on the humanist humor factor. Sometimes, half the adventures of gaming isn’t so much the game or story, but the tales of the misadventures that happens just trying to get the damn game going. This is such a tale. Have a beer and enjoy.

It’s been over a month. We left off with our heroes in search of an ancient temple, blah blah blah….okay they had some epic D&D adventuring stuff coming up.

This isn’t so much about the adventure in-game as it is the adventure of getting to game last night.  It begins with the fact that the last couple times we were supposed to be gaming, I was sick as a dog. We usually only get one  night a week to even try, so, that means a rather prolonged period in addition to our month long dry spell. So yesterday, everything seemed fine and dandy. I had recently purchased a new laptop (a cute, tiny little HP that is kinda like a Netbook for people who want more processing power than a netbook.) Worked on the entire adventure in the most recent version of Masterplan, which owns. I hadn’t used that software in a long time, and was really happy to import, well, everything from the DNDInsider subscription.

We seemed blessed for gaming; I took Shel out to Chili’s for lunch and our Hostess commented on her gamer shirt. She then mentioned she had played D&D the night before, and we had a couple geek-related chuckles before we went along our way. But, something must have been cooked afoul at Chili’s yesterday, as when the evening rolled around before game time….let’s just say I was in pain. My guts were rebelling against me, and I found myself on the porcelain throne about every 10 minutes. Why? WHY!? I had prepared so much for my players, I had postponed for so long, and then my bowels decided that playing “D&D” that night meant playing “Dumb & Dumber.”

The Odd Encounter

At one point, I immediately headed out to a nearby gas station to pick up some over priced Pepto. As I staggered in, the oddest comment was made to me by the clerk:mordor

Clerk: “Dude, is your beard on fire?”

Me: “Uh, I dunno, is it?”  *checks himself for flames*

Clerk: “Oh, that’s just the Battle of Mordor raging inside it! Seriously, your beard is epic dude!”

I kinda stood there shocked for a bit. That was probably one of the LAST comments I expected to hear. But it did make me smile, despite my pain, and I mentioned to him at the counter that I just happened to be getting ready to run D&D that evening. Ended up spending a few minutes listening to him talk about missing the game, and how used to always play rogues.

Cancellations and Revelations

Not even an hour would pass after I returned until I finally surrendered. It was about an hour until we were supposed to leave for game time, and I was still writhing in pain. I called my players, sounding defeat.

Half an hour would pass, and I was left curled up in front of my PC, feeling exhausted but thinking the worst was behind me. Still, I was aching, and my guts were sore. I would sit there moping for a while, feeling sorry for myself, feeling pathetic and just being miserable. Not miserable from my sickness, but just for canceling so close to game time. Miserable for postponing the one night a week my players get to sit back and not be themselves. And then I realized three things:

  1. It was Friday the 13th, and the gamers had been coming out of the woodwork all day. Come on, how often does one have a beard compared to the Battle of Mordor?
  2. There’s few things I do right in life, one of those is gaming. When it comes to game night, everyone who knows me expects me to deliver. I have an obligation to my friends to keep the game alive. I shouldn’t let something like my disenfranchised bowels prevent the players from saving the world. Seriously, we’re so close to actually seeing the end of a campaign. It’s been years for me to do that, and to be honest, ages since I did it in D&D.
  3. If I didn’t proceed with game night, and I got better, I would’ve been fakkin’ bored and miserable last night.

At that moment I stood up, grabbed the phone, and called everyone to say those words:  “I’m ready to play.”
A few minutes later, we were packed up and heading down the road, with “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse blasting the whole way.

Not As Easy as Planned….

Normally, when someone calls up to cancel Friday Night, you wouldn’t expect them to suddenly call up later and say “Ha Ha, nevermind, let’s do this!”
Apparently in the time it took for me to cancel and then re-launch the plans for the evening was just enough time for the Warlord to consume a decent quantity of vodka and beer. This late change of plans also threw off the Dragonborn, who had ordered Pizza and was supposed to be picking up said drunken Warlord. When they finally returned to the location of the game, suddenly time was further postponed as we waited for the Warlord to sober up and find his character sheets while the Dragonborn realized he forgot to level up since last gaming session. Still, I was patient with this, since afterall a couple hours earlier I flat out cancelled the session, only to call back up saying I had a change of heart (and stomach.)

Still, we finally managed to get the game rolling after lots of stumbling, fumbling, light griping and consumption of pizza. I forgot what time we finally started; I just know it was sometime before 11 in the evening.

At last, the game and some awesomeness!

Was only able to run one major combat scene and a trap in the dungeon, but it appears fun was had by all. Highlight of the night was when the Dragonborn pulled off a critical hit with a power that wounded up, with all bonuses and aids included, to deal somewhere in the realm of 51+ points of damage. It was so epic, he thrusted his fists into the air, let out a roar…..and then the wooden chair from which he sat was destroyed from under him. It was that badass. He wasn’t even jumping around a lot or anything; it was just a shitty chair that gave out at just the right moment.

Also, the long ass combat encounter I ran went really smooth thanks to the Masterplan software. I can’t endorse this software enough; it handled combat perfectly, kept all the stats right there on the screen and kept my bookeeping and table clutter to a minimum.

Ah, gotta love being a geek.