Halloween fun idea for your gaming table!

33447009-f4c7309ab3acbd3262e7fcba88e5aa4e.4ac56b73-scaledJust a little something fun for your D&D game this Halloween season:

We were shopping at Ye Olde Wally World where we stumbled across a mixed variety of test-tubes filled with nasty, sweet and sour fruit flavored candy syrups. In each of the different colored/flavored vials were gummy body parts. They were assorted in Eyeballs, Fingers and Brains.

This gave us a fun idea: At the last gaming session, when everyone went to the Shadar-Kai witch doctor they befriended to acquire some magical tattoos they heard about (thank you, Adventurer’s Vaul II) I made sure to mention the conflicting odors of “boiling fruits and stewed body parts.” As a gift to her heroic friends about journey off on a long, dangerous quest ahead …the Witch Doctor offered “potions” to the players.

I handed them the box of the assorted Test Tube candies.  The look on their faces were priceless. I explained the Eyes would offer a bonus to Perception and Wisdom based rolls, the Brains to their Insight and Intelligence based rolls, and the Fingers to any Thievery and Dex based rolls.

Of course, we broke into a few of them and made sure to write down what those flavors the characters left untouched were.