Conventions for the Aspiring Game Professional

Just wanted to take a moment to plug a new PDF written by one of my favorite peeps in the gaming industry, Jess Hartley.

Conventions for the Aspiring Game Professional is a nice, brief run down of the Dos and Don’ts for using gaming conventions as a possible Face-to-Face way to break into the gaming industry.  While only 30 pages in length, it’s priced at a reasonable  $1.99 and expands on the advice in her “GenCon for the Aspiring Game Professional” articles featured on her blog at

I recommend the book if nothing else for the checklists to survive in a professional manner.  Even if you never do break into the gaming hobby or attend a gaming convention, I believe the advice she gives overall would benefit anyone in any industry looking to start a new career. To be honest, it gave me a few points to reflect and improve on; and as someone who hopes to some day be able to have his name on some published credits, I’m definitely keeping the manual on hand to keep me leveled.

Besides, it’s two bucks and it’ll support one of my favorite writers in the business.