Meet My D&D Group.

My regular readers here at The Chaos Grenade keep hearing me talk about my regular gaming group, and I was thinking this would be an awesome time to introduce them.  Expect more videos from all of us in the near future as we discuss gaming (and not just D&D 4E), entertainment and geek life!

PS Almost Forgot:

The artwork and illustrations used are property of Shel Healy and are used with permission.
Check out her artwork at

Music by Brad Sucks, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and can be found on the album “Out of It”. You can find his music at

Further Addendum:

Yes, there is a subliminal image in this vid. You can see it here, and my reasons behind it in the comments.

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  1. Yeah LOL. I was trying to do the old Youtube trick of splicing an image midway in hopes of manipulating the thumbnail; but I think they changed their routine on that since the options I had for a thumbnail weren’t anywhere close to the midway mark.

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