Sorry for the Delays…..

It has been a busy time lately.

For my regular readers here at The Chaos Grenade I apologize for the lack of frequent posting. I’ve recently picked up some seasonal work at one of my favorite places (Costume World in Stephenville, TX). We’ve also had some re-schedulings of our regular gaming sessions and things have been getting put off. Ya know, the usual. Real life happens.

D&D Campaign Update

In our D&D group, the players have reached Paragon Level. Their last adventure resulted in them returning to the city they started from, in search of the Doppleganger Assassin that has been eluding them for some time. The results? Uncovering an Assassin’s Guild ran by one pissed off Black Dragon underneath the city’s streets. I took the initial encounter from the Dungeon Delve sourcebook, and made some adjustments for my campaign. The end fight resulted in the Dragon attempting to flee once bloodied, erupting up on the city streets and climaxed in a big blow out amongst the panicked citizens. It was the perfect conclusion for them in Heroic Tier: The legendary defenders and Dragon Slayers prove their worth by actually driving out and slaying  a wyrm that had been hidden underneath the city for some time. Doesn’t get more nerdcore than that!

Last night, we didn’t have a full gaming session but we did get some Role Play and discussion in about where the adventurers will travel to next. In a blatant rip off of many fantasy and Tolkien cliche’s,  the heroes have now uncovered new information that in order for the weapons to be forged to push back Tiamat and her armies, they must travel deep into the Ivoryspire Mountains in search of the Forge of Moradin, in an effort to retrieve the relics needed to craft the blades to kill the Queen of Dragons. This was troubling to the players, as it’s become revealed that the halls of the many Dwarfen clans have fallen to the armies of Tiamat and now many of the savage races that reside in the Mountains have aligned with her cult.

What!? Who cares if it’s stereotypical….they’re fakkin’ living legends in the campaign now. It’s time to throw them into some dangerous, epic expeditions into hostile territory, for weeks to months at a time.

General Tabletop Stuff:
Splurged on my Birthday this month. Bought me the Battlebox 4th Edition and the Counter Collection box sets from Fiery Dragon. I also purchased the Critical Hits Deck from Paizo. I should also mention my copy of Pathfinder rolled in, which makes me happy. Yes, despite the hefty investment and man-hours going into the new edition of D&D, I still love the d20/OGL rules and I’m happy to support Paizo’s new game as it keeps the system alive and un-shackles the game from Wizards.  Although I must admit, I purchased the Critical Hits deck to use with my 4E game despite it being written with Pathfinder/3.5 in mind. I mean, come on, the systems aren’t that terribly different and it’s easy to houserule the cards off the cuff. I just wanted something to add a little bit more “umph” to the 4E games. I love my crits being deadly, go figure.

Gearing up for Aion, living it up in Guild Wars:

Tomorrow at 2 PM our time, you better believe we’re gonna be zerging the login servers along with the 400,000 other preorders to jump on the headstart for Aion.  We’re gonna be rolling Asmodean side on Vaizel [North American/Western Time Zone] server! We’ve been enjoying the game in beta and now the time has come to throw off the kids gloves and go stomp some face! Our Legion name is “Suukara Raastra” which is Sanscrit for “Nation of Swine.”

Also, we continue to play and love Guild Wars as we have for the past few years, and we’ve recently splintered off from our Alliance’s lead guild to form our own chapter of Hamstorm Nation [PIG]. We’re still involved in the EYE Alliance and have been “Hamming it Up” with them and some good friends! If you play either Aion or Guild Wars, or both, and you’re looking for an awesome guild then check out the Hamnation Forums.

That’s all for the Chaosgrenade’s Game Blog update. There’s some more articles, reviews, and trash commentary coming soon.
There’s some ideas for the near future being cooked up as well; including a possible video cast and some other fun stuff for the geeks who are bored.

PS — I now have a plethora of addresses and ways to follow me over social media, thanks to my Bro who bought me some domains!