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I’m still a “new guy” amongst the RPG Blogger’s network, having not even been a member for a full year yet, but one thing I’ve picked up quick is that Berin Kinsman, aka UncleBear, is one rad dude. He’s considered by many to be the big daddy and archetype of the RPG Blogger; someone who has a passion for the hobby, the community, and the creativity behind it.  I love reading his blogs because he keeps things relatively positive, and always has an emphasis on the fun factors.

Unfortunately, like most things on the internet, some gaming circles almost sound like political debacles. Debates on “schools” of thoughts, edition wars, Simulationist vs Narrativist fights and ultimately: Someone saying “My method of fun is right. Yours is wrong.” It totally misses the point of the hobby; and there’s a few out there who’ll grit their teeth at that statement and would argue that the rival definition of  “fun” is what killed the hobby. WTF?

A lot of us have voiced, or at least have tried to, that we’re not willing to subscribe to any single “school” of gaming.  There’s some kind of almost sick, virus-like mentality with online gaming communities (not just with tabletop games) to have to “defend” their tastes, and assault others. Well, Uncle Bear has summed up what has been on the minds, the voices and the finger tips of many of us for quite some time. To paraphrase Fight Club, “It’s been on the tips of everyone’s tongue; Kinsman gave it a name.”

The Chaos Grenade totally supports the Rolpunk! movement, and will never tell you to drink the Kool-Aid. Play it how the fuck you want!


a manifesto
Rolpunk (one L, no E) is about pure, stripped down, no bullshit tabletop gaming.
It’s about taking your game back to its bare bones roots: play a character,
chuck some dice, end of fucking sentence. It’s about not letting other people
tell you how to play your games. It’s not about telling other people how to play
their games, either; don’t be a fucking fascist. Don’t drink the fucking Kool-
Aid either, man, not other peoples’ and especially not your own. It’s about
having fun, because if you’re not having fun you’ve discovered the only way
possible to fuck this up. It’s about embracing the do-it-yourself ethic of the
hobby and sharing your stuff, even if it’s just with your own game group. But
it’s not about rejecting stuff, dismissing stuff out of hand because of whatever
pretentious fucking filters other fucking people have set up to dictate what’s
cool and what’s not cool. Fuck them in the ear with a rusty fucking chainsaw,
pretentious fucks. Reject attitudes, not games. It’s about accepting the
potential of everything, salvaging what works for you and ignoring the rest of
the bullshit. It’s about shaping your own identity as a gamer, about letting
your group and your campaign and the rules at your table take their own form
based on your own creative needs. Don’t be a fucking game sheep.

This was written by Berin Kinsman of
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2 thoughts on “This Site is Kool-Aid Free.”

  1. I rolpunk with my 8-page rulebook. My players have been showing up and throwing dice for a year of campaigning now, so I’d guess we’re doing something right. We call it “primitive DnD”.

  2. As long as you’re showing up and having fun with your group, you’re Rolpunking it. Whether it’s with 1 page of rules or 1 library; as long as it moves at the pace you and your group enjoys, and you don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise, it’s awesome.

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