I’m not quite dead yet! I feel fine!

Woah! I’ve gone a couple weeks without updating this sucker! What happened!?!

I don’t have any real good excuses like work, vacations or any crisis to pardon my lack of posts on here.  I suppose I’ve just been caught up in sort of an overhaul of my place.

New PC, new TV and a new PS3 has definitely distracted me. A lot of my time online has been spent playing EVE, Lord of the Rings Online, and we’re gearing up to see if Aion is gonna be worth our time or not. On the table top front, not much has been happening since my fiancee has been out for a week in Arizona. I’m hoping next weekend to get the D&D game rolling again, and with a BANG. I shelled out for the DND Insider subscription for a year, and I plan on using it to the best of mine (its) abilities.

Also, been working up a collection of the most dreaded role-playing game ever, Rolemaster. Talking second edition. I have the core 3 books, the Creatures & Treasures, and all seven companions lined up. Currently brewing up a small campaign with a gritty setting taking place on a fantasy “Pangea”-like world. It’ll be a little bit higher fantasy than Swords & Sorcery, Conan style….but I’m wanting to keep it with more of an emphasis on actions and skill as opposed to cool abilities and flashy items to help keep it separate from my D&D campaign.

But not to put D&D on the wayside, I’m plotting the next session to be a big culmination of all the things they’ve been working towards. I’m hoping in the next session or two to FINALLY bring the players to Paragon Tier. I’ve also bought a new printer and we found our cardstock, so I will be treating to everyone at that point with some fresh power cards.

On the personal front, I’m getting ready to return to one of my favorite jobs at the local halloween costume shop. It may only be seasonal work, but it’s where I thrive in my element in terms of both doing my best to help customers as well as having fun and demonstrating products. My fiancee’ will be finishing up school this semester, and then in the spring I should be starting back on trying to get my own college education.

Busy times, but it’s keeping things moving and I’m hoping everyone at the RPG Blogger’s network who went to Gen Con have a blast this week!

One last note: Some cool cats have started out a fun website for everything geek at Geekspective. Give these guys a look and add them to your RSS/Blog Feeds!