Weekend of Splurging!

No gaming reports for this weekend. But, as always, plenty of geekiness abound!
This was sort of a “let go” weekend.

Abney Park Concert

Seriously, check these folks out!
Seriously, check these folks out!

Friday night we packed up a rental car and drove a couple hours up to the big city of Dallas to see Abney Park, with goggles on and a pipe in hand! Too bad the damn city of Dallas has put up a smoking ban in bars and resteraunts. Seriously, even though I quit smoking years ago aside from the occasional puff on the pipe (that read: annual to seasonal) I kinda felt let down by that.

The concert though was amazing. The crowd was dressed all fancy in Steampunk fashion and the music was a hoot. Seriously, I recommend checking these guys out. They have videos plastered all over Youtube, their music is on iTunes and their concerts are just plain fun. Their sound is very unique in this day and age, and I’m hoping to see a lot more from these guys as they’ve pretty much become the soundtrack for my gaming preperation needs.

Gamer Nerd Shopping Spree!

Being that our only gaming store locally is a Hastings Bookstore with a “meh” selection of stuff, we raided The Game Chest in Valley View mall the next day with glee. So much stuff I wanted to snag but I restrained myself for things I was set out to get. Although, I now regret not snagging the bag of Cthulhu Statuettes.

The two things I was looking for: Shadowrun related goodness, and stuff to help my D&D 4E group

Here’s what I ended up with:

  • Shadowrun Sourcebooks Augmentations and Arsenal: Originally I was hoping to find a 2nd Edition book used, but no luck. So instead, I’ve decided to give SR4 another chance. My biggest gripe, personally, was just that I felt the core book lacked a lot of tech and toys options, especially in the rigger department. Plus I felt half the fun of SR was stuff like the Street Samurai Catalog. So, I was happy to be browsing around and found these two books that seem to make up my tinker toy expansionist craving for the game.
  • Combat Pad: This initiative tracker is a handy little thing. It’s pretty much a magnetic pad with little magnet markers that allow you to write on the whole thing with dry erase markers. It’s just…cool. This is going to be really handy for a lot of games, especially D&D with effects going off at different rounds.
  • The World’s Greatest Screen: For one thing, I’m really dependent on GM Screens to help me keep track of all the crazy tables for games. The other thing, is I play a lot of stuff sometimes with house rules, homebrews, or mixed and matched rules. For instance, I own several World of Darkness screens for the different games. I’ve been known to enjoy crossover games allowing splats from Vampire, Mage and Werewolf together. It would be nice to have all of their specific tables together without switching screens. And, let’s be honest, sometimes gaming companies leave out tables that seem really important. So, I bought this sucker. 4 Pannel GM screen with clear pockets on both sides, allowing 8 pages of stuff to be kept on it. Another dry eraseable tool as well.

Also bought my fiancee and I a copy of Dragonomicon: Chromatic Dragons just because we wanted to have more dragon related stuff for my campaign setting. She actually has a great idea for a D&D campaign that takes place on a distant side of my world, showing life under the reign of the Dragons far from the Empire. My buddy also splurged and bought Arcane Power to go along with the copy of Martial Power he bought for the group, as well as a dry eraseable gridded battle mat.

Hrrm. It seems my gaming group has a thing for dry erase markers.

All in all, it’s been a damn good weekend.

One thought on “Weekend of Splurging!”

  1. There’s nothing I enjoy more than going to concerts and bars now that smoking bans are becoming more universal. Instead of coming home with a sore throat and my clothes reeking of smoke, I only smell of sweat and stale beer and if I have a sore throat it’s from shouting out lyrics.

    Regarding Shadowrun – I love the system of SR4 especially compared to prior editions, but am not a fan of the digital enhanced-reality setting. But using the SR4 rules and the classic SR1-SR3 setting works well for me. In the end, however, we switched to Savage Shadowrun using the Savage Worlds system and toolbox supplements in the SR1-3 setting.

    The World’s Greatest Screen is a total score especially if you play a lot of different RPGs, or like playing some of the smaller press RPGs that never had screens published for them. Absolutely brilliant. I have an older version by a different company that I’ve been using for slightly more than a decade.

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