Brief Encounters, New Games Brewing

So last night’s D&D game wasn’t anything terribly major to write about. We got hopped up on 69 cent energy drinks of off brands and wide varieties, scarfed a bunch of sugary junk food and just got real silly. When we did sit down to role play, it was hard to stay focussed; especially after we discovered the can of honey roasted peanuts had a warning that said “Warning: This Food Item Contains Peanuts.” No shit, Sherlock? So much for my everlasting can of just Honey Roast.

What we did get done.

We finally got the dust settled, and role played a scene of the Wizard adding further enchantments to a sword. Magical

A dagger made from Iceborn's own broken horn, enchanted with the ability to inflict terror with a most painful strike.
A dagger made from Iceborn's own broken horn, enchanted with the ability to inflict terror with a most painful strike.

items have been a big deal in my campaign; I’m pretty stingy and want the players to absolutely love any treasures they happen to find.  In a previous session, the Wizard actually role played crafting an item for the Tiefling Warlord who broke his horn in a dragon fight. She took the horn, and gave him a shopping list of items needed to be crafted and acquired to make a dagger out of it. The final component required was to share a nightmare, which the Tiefling suffered and had only told one member of the party about. Using the Akashics I introduced into my game, I let them both share one of his horrific visions of the Nine Hells and Asmodeous.

I wanted a similar role playing experience to be done with the sword being “upgraded” for the Dragonborn.  It was the holy sword with the Bahamut handle found in Keep on the Shadowfell, which was the premise of the temple they rid the evil cult from in my campaign and was restored by their efforts. I decided to take this opportunity to also use it as the beginning of the Dragonborn’s alignment change. The player had asked if he could role play into changing from Unaligned to Good, and becoming aligned with Bahamut. What I worked into the story is that since the sword they were upgrading was already a blessed relic of a Bahamut follower, they needed to take it to the temple and seek out Bahamut’s blessing to further enhance it, or else it risked being ruined.

They took it to the priest of Bahamut, and he performed a ritual asking of the Platinum God’s permission, and to seal the deal asked the Dragonborn to take an Oath to use the sword only in the tenants and interests of the Deity, which he vowed to do. The sword was blessed, the Wizard was allowed to enhance it, and now the Dragonborn will be subjected to some tests of the tenants of Bahamut. If he follows through, then he will become Good, and aligned under the deity of the Platinum Faith.

And then the party showed up.

Right afterwards, we took a brief break for all the smokers, and then some friends from out of town showed up. And then more friends dropped by. And we were all still pretty wired on caffeine and other strange chemicals and sugars from those damn snack foods, so we decided to pack it up and just have fun. This, however, wasn’t the end of our geekyness. For starters, my friend from out of town had to show off his T-Mobile phone’s ability to run emulators by handing it to me with the Shadowrun game for Genesis playing. I can’t argue the cool factor there.

The next geeky thing that was discussed was one of our buddies had ordered a pretty damn big collection of AD&D 1E stuff, and he’s announced he’s going to run a game that’s pretty much a blend of the two AD&D editions with some house rules and lots of bastard tactics. I sat down with my dice, a note card, and in his presence rolled myself up 6 stats. Debating a human Cleric/Rogue….or maybe just a straight cleric. Pretty excited with this and I hope he comes through…it would be awesome to not only play the old school stuff for some variety, but to actually PLAY a character and not DM for a bit.

My Tiefling player is also brewing a couple things up. For starters, he’s been preparing a historical, humans-only, martial classes only D&D 4E game where we get to be hunters for the Vatican, and will be heading off to Transylvania. How awesome is that? The next cool thing he’s been working on is something he’s been laboring over for years: A homebrewed, uber dark fantasy setting of a vampire world inspired by the Necroscope books and the Legacy of Kaine games. We’ve played a couple short sessions before under different rules in the past, but now he seems set on using the 4E rules. It sounds like we all get to play standard D&D characters with a “Wamphyri” template in place and we’ll be involved in some fantasy Vampire politics and battles. Should be awesome.